11 sports to practice with your dog

There are many dog ​​sports such as agility, dog dancing, and canicross. An overview of dog sports.

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The dog needs to exercise. And if your daily walk isn’t enough for your dog, or if you just want to allow him to rub his shoulders with other dogs and learn while having fun, you can opt for dog sports. There are many adapted sports disciplines that will please your dog (and you). Areas that are not only good for the health of the dog’s body But also for his well-being, education, relationships with you (his master), and relationships with other dogs. An overview of dog sports.

Agility, a sport suitable for all dogs

Born in England, Agility is one of the most popular dog sports in the world. It’s a sport of speed. Dogs must pass through a series of obstacles (walls, tires, tunnels, swings, tables, etc.) at a distance of 100 or 200 meters. They guide them with voices and gestures, but accompany their masters who are not allowed to use rewards, chains, or clickers (props are not allowed). The dog’s goal is to complete the course as soon as possible without avoiding difficulties or making mistakes.

  • Agility allows a dog and his master to demonstrate himself, it’s a sport for dogs and humans
  • Agility strengthens the bond of obedience between the dog and the master
  • Agility is suitable for (almost) all dogs, regardless of size or breed.

Agility is a disability course / Credits: Unsplash

Dog Biaslon

Like agility, the dog Biaslon is an obstacle course, but over (much) longer distances (6-11 kilometers). The dog has to go over a puddle, pass a tree trunk, and crawl a tunnel, following his master who rides a bicycle.

  • Master spends as much on dog Biaslon as dog
  • The dog Biaslon is ideal for deepening the bond between your husband and your dog and for educating young dogs.

Master is mountain biking while the dog is running / Credits: Unsplash


The canicross is a long-distance race, and the master is connected to the dog with a stretchable leash attached to the belt. The rhythm of the race is given by the dog because the dog pulls the master. In most cases, races are organized in nature, especially in the woods.

  • Canicross is perfect for sports masters


Another kind of race, this time without a master, coursing. The dog is chased by a dummy rabbit and launched onto the racetrack. This is a dog speed sport.

  • Coursing is a sport especially suitable for greyhounds
  • In dog sports, dogs can reach top speeds that are not always reachable by walking (especially in town).
  • The course is easy for masters who do not run


Agility is a non-competitive version of agility: there is no stopwatch, the dog has all the time needed to reach the end of the obstacle course.

  • Agility is focused on the joy and entertainment of the dog
  • This sport is suitable for older dogs, handicapped dogs, and owners who do not want / run too much.

Dock diving (or dock jump)

Dock diving consists of jumping into the water from a 60 cm high diving platform for dogs. The goal is to start and jump as much as possible. To motivate the animals, the master throws toys into the water.

  • Dock diving is an ideal sport for water lovers
  • Dogs with joint problems can practice dock diving
  • Sports can be practiced by dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages

Dock diving is great for water lovers / credits: Unsplash

Frisbee dog (or disc dog)

As the name implies, Frisbee dogs are played in Frisbee. Dogs and handlers belong to the team. The handler throws the frisbee and the dog fetches the frisbee. There is a Frisbee dog competition, where the master and his dog make artistic figures.

  • Frisbee dogs are a sport that is especially pleasing to playful dogs.
  • Dog sports are not recommended for very large or very heavy dogs, as the jumps that dogs make to catch Frisbee can damage the dog’s joints.

Frisbee dogs allow dogs to play and exercise / credits: Unsplash

Flyball, team game

Flyball is a team dog sport. Two teams of six dogs and their six masters compete in a relay race. The first dog leaves, crosses some obstacles to the foot-operated ball machine, catches the ball and returns to the starting line, and the second dog rushes on the same course.

  • Flyball is an ideal dog sport for dogs (and their masters) sociability
  • Flyball is especially recommended for training dogs and puppies

Flyball is a team sport / credit: Unsplash

Man trailing, treasure hunt

Man trailing is a dog sport that consists of a dog tracking a track while sniffing traces left in the air or on the ground on the course.

  • Man trailing is especially recommended for training hunting dogs
  • Sports allow dogs to develop a sense of smell

Obedience, a sport to educate your dog

Obedience, as the name of this dog’s sport suggests, consists of tackling the dog listening to the master in a simple order such as “sitting”, “heel”, “stop”, but the dog He also has to bring things back and obey his master, even from a distance.

  • This sport is great for dog and puppy education
  • Some breeds value obedience because they tend to be more obedient or pleasing to their masters.

obéry thmée (or dog dance)

Like obedience, obedience is a sport based on listening to the master’s orders. And the goal is to create a choreography between the master and the dog by jumping, turning, and running to the music.

  • Obérythmée’s choreography is adaptable, so all dogs can participate regardless of size, weight or age
  • Obedient dogs are easier and obesity helps with training
  • Master also dances

Regardless of the dog sport you choose to practice with your dog, you have a dog club or dog school in your area that allows your pet to exercise, learn and enjoy. You can find it.

Register your dog in dog sports, he will be pleased / Credits: Unsplash

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