“150-250 children a day” will be introduced to sports activities at Auxerre’s Green Stadium this summer

“It’s not Auxerrois that doesn’t jump!” On Wednesday, July 27, 2022, the traditional chanting of supporters echoed at the edge of the inflatable structure of the football field in Auxerre’s Albresek Park. In the immediate vicinity of Abedeshan, young shoots will learn about many sporting activities. A city-led, updated operation in its fourth year as part of the Green Stadium.

Children register for free at the city hall. This will add you to your list and allow you to participate in any activity you like, whenever you want, anytime during the afternoon of the week (2 pm to 5:30 pm). This Wednesday’s program: kayaking, baseball, archery, cycling, soccer. Emmanuel Burge, an educator and coordinator at Green Stadium, explains her choice of activity:

Pause mode during orange heat wave alert

Since the beginning of July, the weather has been fine and the heat is very present in Yonne. This needs to be adapted by the organizer of the sporting event. Like the heatwave episode in mid-July: “I didn’t open for the two days I had the heatwave orange alert. If I had another thunderstorm or strong wind orange alert, neither would open.” .. coordinator.

I couldn’t postpone it at the gym. “The heat wave made the gymnasium even hotter than outside.” Jennifer, who is responsible for cycling activities, adds: “People are very well equipped and arrive with caps and water bottles.” This year, the municipality decided to add a fountain to the Arbre-sec site. This will bring the number to 2 and allow the children to drink water.

From water skiing to soccer, all activities offered by the city’s sports department are free. And Emmanuel Burge confesses that he is overseen by “seasonal workers, educators in the city of Auxerre, as well as certain clubs in the city that reach out to us on martial arts and archery.” Parc de l’Arbre-Sec gives you free access to courts such as handball courts.

The sun is very good this Wednesday afternoon and many young people are using the stands. “We have 150 to 250 children a day,” the secretary at the reception estimates. “We shoot in 30 minute slots per activity, as young people try to discover some of them, but if the kid doesn’t like one of the sports, we force him Without him, he can do something else, “emphasizes his Jennifer side.

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“They seem to be grateful, I’m sure they’ll be back.”

There are many families on the banks of Yonne in Parc de l’Arbre-Sec. Some people, like Sophian, who happened to find the site, visited for the first time, saying, “I was walking around with my kids and came across an animation. It’s perfect for those who can’t take a vacation.” Michelle came with her nephew. She heard about Green Stadium on the radio.

“It’s a good animation and they seem to like it, I’m sure I’ll be back a few times.” Leisure centers and certain associations take their kids. “It allows them to discover the sport,” explains a member of the Auxerre Society.

It is advisable to book for certain activities such as water skiing. “We only have eight locations, the slots are two hours and cannot be extended,” Emmanuel Bruguet justifies. Other places like fishing are limited, but you don’t need to register in advance.

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Alexis Braguard

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