2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix blunder: FIA discovers Michael Masi’s “human error”

On Saturday, the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile announced the conclusions of an investigation into the monumental failure of the final Grand Prix of the 2021 season in Abu Dhabi. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes).

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Six laps after the event, British driver-dominated FIA race director Michael Masi deployed a safety car to remove debris from the damaged Williams of Nicholas Latifi, Canada. In the hope of a quick escape, the Australians mistakenly ask their competitors, who are more than one lap away from the leader, to overtake the lead safety car in order to maintain a neutralization regime and line up behind Peloton. I committed. Prepare for the resumption of the event under the conditions required by the Regulations (Article 48.12).

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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The wreckage of Williams was cleared late, the truck was finally cleaned up, and Michael Masi realized that there was no solution left to meet the regulation. This means that once the car is tidy, you will have to wait another lap to resume the race. The race in the strict sense should have ended with a safety car system.

But early in the season, a huge scandal of the Belgian Grand Prix “fought” on the lap behind the safety car marked the spirit and marked the spirit of various stakeholders in the field (FIA, sports rights holders, teams). , Driver) pushed), demanding that such a situation never happen again. Obviously, the common hope was not to see the race end with neutralization.

“The race director acted in good faith.”

Michael Masi, the race director of Spa-Francorchamps and a strong critic of succumbing to the pressure to formulate the results, emphasized resuming the race in Abu Dhabi, even if it meant breaking the rules. Did. Under the influence of Red Bull team principal Christian Horner’s radio, he finally provided a safety car to provide the final lap to the only latecomer located between leader Lewis Hamilton and the second Max Verstappen. I asked him to overtake. .. With worn tires, Lewis Hamilton had no chance to resist attacks from rivals, and victory was synonymous with the title.

“In combination with the goal of finishing the race under the green flag (…), the report knows the deadline is particularly tight as far as the race director knows, acting in good faith and considering difficult situations. We conclude that there is immense pressure placed by the team to make the decision. “Write the FIA.

“The 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and F1 World Championship results are valid and final and cannot be changed at this time. There is no system to correct the race classification.”Add a sports government.

Before the season began, the FIA ​​replaced Michael Masi with two alternative race directors, Neil’s Witch and Eduardo Freitas, created a decision support cell and banned direct wireless communication between the race manager and the team.

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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