2022 esports ecosystem: growth trends

For decades, esports has gradually been integrated into popular culture. However, despite this integration and expansion, the ecosystem remains a true mystery for the majority of players in this sector.
What is the growth trend of eSports in 2022? This article will take you to the heart of the eSports universe.

eSports: What is it?

eSports comes from term reduction eSports Also translated as esports. It is usually played online, alone, or virtually in a team with other players.

Like major sporting events, You can win very interesting prizes during esports A champion crown bonus has been added.

Why is esports growing in popularity?

Despite critics of igaming, esports continues to grow in popularity. in fact, eSports is a growing market And it evokes the enthusiasm of many. There are many reasons why the online gaming culture has evolved. Above all:


Esports provides gamers with the opportunity to practice at a competitive level. As you can see, many games are on the market every year. Tournaments are held for games that have become established around the world, such as: Fortnite, CS: GO, Tekken &, PUBG.. Their popularity has attracted many sponsors. Facilitating professionalism in the sector and the challenge to be the best..

It’s also somewhat similar to the game Online betting, They provide a high level of adrenaline. In addition, subscriptions are registered via platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitch. This allows franchises to achieve the same high turnover rates as casino software. In addition, eSports enjoys a better presence in the media.. The tournament is also organized by a small community of players at the national level.

Intergenerational effect
Some people mistakenly think it’s a waste of time, but there is some diversity in the video gaming industry. Video games are a real source of joy for children.For adults, they are happy to associate with teenagers when it comes to games such as: DOTA and Minecraft.. Therefore, unlike other sports, video games have few physical requirements. Therefore, adults can become professionals.

In addition to this intergenerational gathering, society is bored with following the same visual content on a daily basis. Recognizing this, the video game industry offers games of all genres. Therefore, regardless of age, there is no risk of getting bored.

How will the 2022 esports industry work?
Understanding eSports ecosystem If you want to invest in this sector, investment is a priority. The development of eSports and numerous tournament awards have prompted the creation of professional or semi-professional teams. These various teams gather players in one or more games. The general architecture, which is modeled after the operation of a classic sports structure, has also taken into account other experts. These include coaches, strategic analysts, and live match commentators...

Despite the cost, the team can also generate high revenue through the results.Actually for each structure 4 sources of income : They sponserThey Development studioThey Merchandising And that Ticket sales..

What should I remember about competitive video games?

With eSports, it can last from 5 minutes to an hour or more, depending on the game. In addition, competitive video games are played in large spaces such as concert halls and stadiums with thousands and millions of spectators. Although not physical, the game requires absolute concentration, good reflexes, and strong analytical skills.

Therefore, the best way to do it in esports is through rigorous training to master each strategy...Only in this way your structure can match great champions such as: Immortal, Phase Clan, Team liquid,Such.

eSports: Growth Trends

The 2022 esports forecast is excellent and reassures investors who want to engage in this niche.according to newzooA company specializing in the analysis of video game market data, sector forecasts by the end of the year, 21.8% growth..It should be noted that the esports market has been recording for almost two years Very high profit.. The figures achieved in 2021 reached $ 1.13 billion in overall revenue. And there seems to be nothing to jeopardize this dazzling progress.

Various sponsor partners, audience gains, box office revenues, etc. all indicate that this market is not ready to collapse.It is important to specify it Asian countries alone account for 720 million players According to a study by Nico Partners In 2020.

In addition, esports is an interesting opportunity for sports organizations and will soon need to be integrated into traditional sports.