2022 French High School Rankings with Student Support

Education-How do you perceive a good high school? How to get his students to get baccalauréat? Yes, by the way, a map of all 100% successful facilities is displayed here. But that’s not all. Not all high school students can attend any facility for their location, so this single criterion is inevitably simplified. Not all high schools offer the same course. And not all high schools support all students in the same way.

This is based on the indicators released by the Ministry of National Education on Wednesday, March 23. HuffPost Instead of presenting a list of winners, we decided to provide each facility with a specific score in a way that supports students.

You can find it in the “Total Added Value” column of the search engine below..

This table shows various indicators compiled by the Ministry of National Education. First, find your bachelor’s degree success rate. Nationally, it reached 93.8% in June last year. General baccalauréat is 97.6%, technical baccalauréat is 94%, and professional baccalauréat is 87.6%.

The mention rate is also displayed (useful for high schools with very high success rates). The Minister also reveals the access rate to the bachelor’s degree. Taken from the second, it makes it possible to determine the number of students who will have baccalauréat after completing all their high school education at the facility. Therefore, this criterion measures the school’s ability to support students until they acquire baccalauréat, regardless of the number of years required. Obviously, it is possible to take into account the fact that certain institutions do not accept repetitions and exclude certain students along the way.

For each of these three criteria, the Ministry of Education sets the expected rate based on the student profile received. Therefore, the added value is the difference between these expected rates and the rates actually obtained. According to the ministry, it will be possible to assess “the school’s own contribution to student success, taking into account the characteristics of the student.” Therefore, one facility is compared to the average of other facilities that are similar in its composition.

Explanation from the Ministry of National Education

How to evaluate high school grades??

MeHigh school grades do more than just assess success in the baccalauréat Students in the final year of the facility, Not only the ability of this facility to support the maximum number of students From second to graduation, taking into account the socio-demographic and academic characteristics of the student.

In this, they provide a more detailed analysis as well as the success rate of baccalauréat by assessing the more or less selective nature of students’ educational channels and institutions since they entered high school.

Measure using three indicators Institutional eigenvalues:

  • Baccalaureate pass rate, that is, the percentage of baccalauréat holders among students who have taken baccalauréat.
  • Access rate to Baccalaureate. This is the percentage of sophomore or first grade students who have acquired baccalauréat while staying at the facility.
  • The percentage of references is the percentage of baccalauréat holders who acquired baccalauréat in 2021.

The indicator has two purposes.

  • Report the results of national public services in education by disseminating to the general public an element of appreciation for the specific actions of each high school.
  • It provides high school officials and teachers with a source of thought that helps them to be more effective in their actions.

Therefore, it is not a problem for the ministry that implements high school rankings. However, through this combination of indicators, propose a complex and relative image of reality composed of the results of establishment.

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