2022 High School Rankings: Baccalaureate Results, Mention … How Is Your Child’s School Located?

The National Ministry of Education released high school performance indicators this Wednesday, March 23. They make it possible to measure the success of bachelor’s degree students and their academic background in establishment.

You won’t see a list of high schools or official rankings there. The Ministry of National Education released the High School Add Value Index (IVAL) on Wednesday, March 23. Contractual public or private general, technical or vocational schools: All secondary schools in France are included. IVAL has existed since 1993.

Three main indicators

For each high school, based on the bachelor’s degree data from the previous year, you can use the indicators to know the following:

  • Baccalaureate pass rate : Number of bachelor’s degree holders compared to the number of candidates
  • Access rate to bachelor’s degree : Shows the percentage of students enrolled second with a bachelor’s degree in the same high school. If the rate is low, it may indicate that the school is turning the student.
  • Baccalaureate mention rate : This is the number of bachelor’s degree holders in honors divided by the number of students attending the bachelor’s degree.

For each index, the Ministry of National Education Observed rate With a bachelor’s degree (that is, high school grades) Expected rate.. This expected rate is established in relation to the averages obtained by similar high schools (size, options, districts, etc.). You can compare whether the facility is above or below.

Another important piece of data: the number of students per high school in the first, second, and last of the 2021 academic year. With this data, you can see if the high school helped keep the students and keep them from dropping out. During this year’s lesson distance.

Success rate alone is not a relevant indicator. Together, these indicators allow high schools to assess what they offer regarding access to a bachelor’s degree. Not all high schools have the same student profile. Some are in disadvantaged areas, while others offer multiple options.

All results, per school

To get your high school grades, enter your high school name in the search bar below. Enter the name of the city or province to get all the results for the same city or province and compare the results for the establishments.


If Ariage High School shows very good results, only one Notre Dame de Pamier High School will get 100% success rate. He has the highest mention rate (84%) in the category. On the other hand, Gabriel Fauré High School in Fois and Couseran High School in Sangelon have the highest access to bachelor’s degrees from the second at 90%.


Only Narbonne’s Rise Beausejour has achieved 100% success in Aude. At 92%, he gets the highest mention rate in the exam. On the other hand, the second highest access rate to the bachelor’s degree is at 93% at Germain Tyrion High School in Castelnaudary.


Aveyron combines very good results. The success rate of some facilities is 100%. Ferdinand Foch of Rodez, François d’Estan, Louis Cherub, Jean Jaurès of Saint-Affrique, Raymond Savignac of Villefranche, San Joseph. The highest mention rate is 85%, found in the Immaculate Conception of Espalion and San Joseph of Villefranche. François d’Estan High School in Rodez has the highest access rate from second to bachelor’s degree in the undergraduate school at 94%.

Upper Garonne

At Haute-Garonne, the highest success rates are 100% at Edmont Rostan High School in Banier de Luchon, Ferrandow High School in Blagnac, Colomiers High School and Nelson Mandela High School in Pibrack. Announcements at Seilh, Sainte-Thérèse de Saint-Gaudens High School, Emilie de Rodat High School in Toulouse, Caousou, Marists, Saint-Joseph-la Salle, Sainte-Marie-des-Champs, Marie-Louise Dissard Françoise in Tournefeuille. As for the mention rate, Caousou in Toulouse shows the best result, of course, at 98%. Access rates from the second to the highest backs have been observed at 94% at Ozenne High School, Pins-Justaret High School, and Tournefeuille High School in Toulouse.


The highest success rate in Gers is obtained at 99% by the Sainte-Marie Chapel in Auch and the Risedartagnan in Nogaro. The highest mention rate is at 93% in the Sainte-Marie Chapel in Ochi. The access rate to the bachelor’s degree from the second school is the highest at 93% at Alain-Fournier High School in Mirande and Altnan High School in Nogaro.


Both Saint-Etienne High School in Cahors and Leofele High School in Gourdon have achieved 100% success in Baccalaureate. The highest mention rate is 78% in Figeac’s Rise Jeanne d’Arc. This same high school in Figeac has the highest access rate from second to bachelor’s degree at 95%.

Lot Egalonne

At 100%, Villeneuve-surlott Sainte-Catherine High School and Agen Sankaprice High School achieved the best results. The highest mention rate is obtained at 79% by Notre Dame La Compassion High School in Marmande. The access rates for the two facilities are 92% from the second to the bachelor’s degree. Bernard Parisy High School in Agen and Georges Leygues High School in Villeneuve-surlot.


The success rate of the two high schools in Hautes-Pyrenees is 100%. It is Jeanne d’Arc of Tarbes and Notre Dame degas of Montleon Magnoac. Jeanne d’Arc High School in Tarbes has the highest mention rate in the department at 81%. The second highest bachelor’s degree access rate is 90% at Serrede Sarsan High School in Lourdes.


The success rate of the two high schools, Baral High School in Castor and Jeanne d’Arc School Building in Mazamet, is 100%. Barral de Castres High School has the highest mention rate of 83%. The access rate to the bachelor’s degree from the second is the highest at 92% at Las Cases de Lavaur High School.


Pierre Mariteas High School in Montauban has the highest success rate in the 99% category. The mention rate of this same high school is the highest at 93%. On the other hand, the second highest access to bachelor’s degrees is at 90% at Bourdelle High School in Montauban and Claude Nougaro High School in Montauban.

What is the best high school in France?

Based on indicators from a survey by the Ministry of National Education, the three best private high schools in France are Stanislas in Nice, Sandminique in Neuilly-sur-Seine and the Mont Saint-Jean Institute in Antibes. Le Caousou of Toulouse came in 23rd place. The top three public high schools include Franco German High School in Buk, Henri IV in Paris and International High School in Saint-Germain-en-Laye. Marie Louise Dissard Francoise de Tourne Feuille High School (Haute-Garonne) is in 26th place, and Mandchaptal High School (Lozere) is in 34th place.