2022 High School Rankings: The Best Facilities in Toulouse and Haute-Garonne …

Every year, the National Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports publishes high school ratings. There are no changes to the top 10 of Haute-Garonne.

This has been an immutable spring ritual for nearly 30 years. The National Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports publishes a “ranking” of high schools in France and Navarra. The classification is not really the correct word, as the ministry prefers to talk about the evaluation of IVAL in the technical terms of national education. In short, high school transcripts are supposed to “report the results of the education system” and show the path from student enrollment in the second class to a bachelor’s degree.

Ivals interest in question

The assessment takes into account the success rate, mention rate, and second, first, and final pass rates of the baccalauréat. What is your interest in IVAL? “Frankly, I find it difficult to understand how this is of interest to student parents from the moment your child is assigned to Sector High School when he graduates from college.” My daughter ridicules this father, who entered the second high school in Toulouse.

For other parent FCPE representatives, “Indicators are also about the quality of life in the facility, such as the timetable length of the student’s timetable, the length of the lunch break, or a cultural or social dedicated place. I haven’t said much about the activity. “

However, the purpose of the Ministry of National Education is clearly stated. Suggest elements for reflection and self-assessment to teachers and education teams. Among other indicators, we suggest elements of information to parents of students. ” The method that hasn’t changed for almost 30 years reminds me of the ministry.

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“The purpose has not changed”

“Since 1993, IVAL’s main principles and objectives have not changed. A more complete, more appropriate and fairer vision of high school behavior with a set of complementary indicators to exceed success. The problem is to provide value, especially by studying student careers and assessing in the final exams and taking into account significant disparities in recruitment between high schools in terms of academic and socio-economic profiles. index”.

After all, in Haute-Garonne, few high schools are surprised to outperform themselves from one year to the next. The top 10 high schools with a 100% baccalauréat pass rate are about the same, but there is a big difference in the number of baccalauréat candidates. In Toulouse, most of the private high schools that are no exception to the rules are contracted: Le Kausou, Emily de Rodat, Maristo, Saint Joseph La Salle, Sainte Marie de Chan … again. Pierre de Fermat High School in Toulouse occupies the top of the pavement.

Ability to move students forward

Using data provided by the Ministry of National Education, prominent high schools appear to have the ability to support students towards success, as well as school education. This support is a feature that allows you to stay in the same facility from one year to the next. This rewards high schools that do not select students during school education, for example by redirecting the weakest to other facilities. Another factor is also involved. It is the ability to support student progress. Depending on their social origin and their level at the university, the ministry has succeeded in calculating the “expected” success rate of the baccalauréat. The real success rate is high because the school was able to lead the students to success, which is a point in our ranking.

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Private and public side by side

For the success rate of Bac 2021, here is a list of the best high schools in the department. As for the mention rate, Caousou in Toulouse shows the highest result of 98%. Access rates from the second to the highest backs have been observed at 94% at Ozenne High School, Pins-Justaret High School, and Tournefeuille High School in Toulouse.

High School 100% Successful at Bac: Public: Edmont Rostand of Bagnères de Luchon, Nelson Mandela of Pibrack. private: Ferrandow High School in Blagnac, Maurice Grinfogel in Colomiers, Seilh’s Conception Announcement, Sainte-Thérèse in Saint-Gaudens, Marie Louise Dissard Francoise in Tournefeuille. Toulouse: Le Caousou, Emilie de Rodat, Marists, Saint-Joseph-la Salle, Sainte-Marie-des-Champs.

99% success rate at Bac, published: Paul Matou of Gourdan Polynyan, Pierre-Paul Rique of Toulouse, Charles de Gaulle of Muret, Jean-Pierre Vernan of Pins-Justare, Vincent Auriol of Rebel, Pierre de Fermat of Toulouse. private: Sainte-Marie de Nevers in Toulouse.

98% Bac pass rate, published: Victor Hugo International High School in Colomiers, Henri Matisse in Cugnaux, Pierre Bourdieu in Fronton, Hospitality and Tourism in Toulouse, Saint Sernin in Toulouse, Stephen Hessel in Toulouse, Leon Blum in Villefranche de Lauragai.