2023 Honda Africa Twin and Adventure Sports

Tricolor/metallic blue “Glint Wave” and black “Matte Ballistic” with black frame, Africa Twin with black frame, Adventure Sports with gray “Matte Iridium Metallic”

084 cc, 75 kW, 105 Nm, 229 kg (DCT: 240 kg) in-line twin, from €14,349

Novelties for 2023 will be revealed one after another, especially regarding new colors. And if we’re waiting for a new 750 platform, Honda is keeping us waiting by unveiling his new 2023 vintage of the Africa Twin and its Adventure Sports version.

Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports
Honda Africa Twin

If Honda unveiled the Africa Twin in 2015 under the acronym CRF1100L and reconnected it to real trails where you can get your nipples in the mud, the model will be the Adventure Sport version in 2018, especially on an electronic level. evolved rapidly. Since then, apart from the euro5 version presented in 2020, the CRF1100 has evolved in terms of the DCT gearbox as well as the frame with a removable rear aluminum buckle, as well as the swingarm. I have to say that 51% of buyers bought their DCT gearbox in Europe. The dual-clutch transmission was pushed by Honda and is appreciated by everyday users as well. This has prompted Honda to change the DCT gearbox settings in the first two gears for 2022.

For the 2023 vintage, the two models have changed especially in terms of color, with three new liveries.

The CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports is now in the new Matte Gray Iridium Metallic, while the CRF1100L Africa Twin is now in Matte Black Ballistic Metallic and Blue Glint Wave Metallic Tricolor.

Gray Honda Africa Twin and Adventure Sports
Gray Honda Africa Twin and Adventure Sports

Thus, the Africa Twin completes the Grand Prix Red colorway with a matt ballistic metallic version in black and an all-black frame. The blue glint wave metallic tricolor version adds new blue headlight surrounds and front fender and rear cover sections with red and white detailing.

However, it is the more expensive Africa Twin Adventure Sport that dominates sales in Europe, with 56%. This model is available in his two variants, a white ‘Pearl Glare Tricolor’ with gold rims and a gray ‘Matte Iridium Metallic’ with black rims and black details.

Underneath are the same twin cylinders of 1084 cm3 with the same electronics, in particular the 6-axis inertial unit IMU Bosch MM7.10, 4 driving modes (Urban, Tour, Gravel, Offroad) with TBW throttle control system there is. 2 user settings can be added (throttle by wire), HSTC torque control system (7 modes adjustable), anti-squat system (3 modes), active ABS on curves, HSTC torque control (Honda Selectable Torque Control) ), curved DCT box, original luggage rack, instrumentation with a 6.5-inch TFT touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth connectivity and USB sockets, not to mention. The indicator is always equipped with an emergency brake signal function “Emergency stop signal function” (a function that switches to warning mode when the driver suddenly brakes while driving at 50 km / h or more), and also has an automatic stop function. increase. The Adventure Sport also has an optional Showa Electronically Equipped Ride Adjustment (EERA) suspension system.

The Africa Twin Adventure Sport version benefits from better protection against the wind with adjustable screens, increased autonomy and a slightly increased suspension travel.

Both models are available in both manual transmission or dual clutch transmission (DCT) versions. On the other hand, knowing that DCT gearboxes cost an average of 1,400 euros more, manual gearbox prices start at 14,349 euros for him, spending at least 350 euros for a year.

Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports
Honda Africa Twin Blue Glint Wave Metallic Tricolor
Matt Gray Iridium Metallic Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports
Matt Gray Iridium Metallic Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports
Honda Africa Twin Red
Honda Africa Twin Red

Availability / Price

  • Africa Twin Colors: Black, Red, Tricolor
  • Adventure Sports Colors: Black, Tricolor
  • Africa Twin price: from €14,349 to €17,149
  • Adventure Sports Prices: €15,499 to €19,649
  • Release date: October 2022

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