2024 Olympics. Why are French people not so interested in the Paris Olympics?

In just two years, France will be celebrating. On July 26, 2024, the Paris 2024 Olympics, 100 years after the last Summer Olympics hosted by the capital, will be held (until August 11).

However, as of D-2, the celebration seems to be a long way off.Opinion Way poll published daily on Tuesday Parisian 47% of French “Indifference” For this event.

When asked the same question about feelings inspired by the game in Paris, only 26% of the respondents “be interested”19% “Worried” And 7% “impatient”.. I don’t know 1%.

The survey, published the day after Emmanuel Macron’s convention-themed “field meeting” in Elysee, was conducted on a sample of 1,019 representatives of French people over the age of 18. -Questionnaire will be conducted on July 20th and 21st according to the quota method.

Do you need to worry? No, here are three reasons to prove that is not the case.

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For athletes, 2024 is tomorrow. For the viewer, it’s far. Before Paris, a lot of things happen in sports and beautiful things happen. For example, the Rugby World Cup at home (Friday, September 8, 2023 to Saturday, October 28, 2023). Two World Cups. One will be held in Qatar in November and the other in Australia and New Zealand in 2023, where Le Bruce will shine in the Euro semifinals on Wednesday night. At this Olympics, we can mention other sporting events such as the European Championships, the World Championships in various fields, not to mention the annual championships. The sports calendar is so busy that I won’t complain even two years after being hit by a pandemic.

A poll conducted by the Ipsos Institute a week before the Tokyo Olympics showed that only 32% of French were interested in the Games. So there is nothing to panic.

“We don’t talk much about it yet, it’s true. By the way, you should start it. More things are happening every day to allow people to be taken away. It’s the soul. , Lacking incarnation “But analyzed athletics Marie-Jose Perek’s triple Olympic champion Parisian ..

The Olympic slogan was announced on Monday, and everything suggests that this “soul” of the Olympics that athletes want will soon emerge.

Because it’s still a construction site

A meeting on Monday to consider the organization of the convention, hosted by Emmanuel Macron, proved one thing. It’s still under construction.

Literally, some facilities are still under construction, so the Olympic Aquatic Center near the Stade de France hosts all swimming races, artistic swimming, diving and water polo. The arena, Porto de la Chapel, has badminton, rhythmic gymnastics, para-badminton and para-weightlifting. Marseille Marina for sailing events. Or the Olympic and Paralympic villages.

Unless a dedicated site is completed, it’s difficult to project and imagine yourself at an event.

“There’s still work to be done, but to use the sports metaphor, we’re completely in time for the transition. Site map stabilization, contracts with publishers, safety, transportation, and budget. At all sites, including management and attention focused on monitoring. »»In an interview with the Minister of Sport and Amelie Udea Castella of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, world This Tuesday.

Hall controversy – an exposition at Port de Versailles to host a basketball qualifying round that caused great resentment among Evan Fournier and others, or even basketball and handball on Lille – an event Does not help to give visibility of.

Read again. Paris 2024 Olympics.A worrying week for the Organizing Committee

Because it is close to Tokyo 2021

I’m going to open the door, but due to the pandemic postponement of the Tokyo Olympics, the distance between the two planetary sporting events will be only three years.

Specifically, it is in the stage of being “after Tokyo” and has not yet reached “before Paris”. I will talk about athletes about what they have achieved in Tokyo rather than what they can do in Paris in 2024. Give it time to come.

But it can (yet) worry

In all of this, the last and most worrying issue is probably security. After the blunder of the Champions League final in May, many fans went into the enclosure, left the fans with tickets on the floor, gassed and assaulted by many. Challenged various ministries on their ability to ensure such events This kind of unobstructed scale will obviously hurt competition.

Once again, the government wanted to reassure. “What happened at the Stade de France is a failure. That’s the word we used with the Minister of Interior. Regret in the line world Amelie Oudea-Castera. It is a matter of drawing all the lessons of both the coordination of internal security forces and the enhancements we must find in civilian security, especially since it happened on May 28th. Gerald Darmanin is responsible for game security. […] The challenge is not to reduce our ambitions, but to raise our level of safety. »»

In this sense, the 2023 Rugby World Cup and its fascinating France-Stade de France All Blacks will be the first crash test. Meanwhile, the government watchword remains: “We are on time”..