220 French sports leaders call for blocking RN

The president of the federation, elected officials, managers, and volunteers of the association are in a position to support Emmanuel Macron from two perspectives.When Round of presidential elections.

At the beginning of the week, the world of sports continues to be mobilized for the presidential election, after about 50 athletes today and yesterday called for blocking Marine Le Pen. The federation’s 220 leaders, elected officials, managers and association volunteers signed a forum published by Requip against the second round of the National Rally on Sunday, April 24. OL President Jean Michel Auras, former judo and minister David Douillet, and even the secretary of the 2023 Rugby World Cup Claude Atcher are calling on Emmanuel Macron to vote. Here is their forum:

“We, the president of the federation, the leaders and volunteers of the association, the elected officials in charge of sports, the managers and employees of the sports structure, or the simple actors involved in the world of sports, we are Marine Le. -Pen elections and the extreme rights of the head of the country.

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His unusual position on sports reveals a nationalist and stigmatized vision that goes against the values ​​on which our sporting efforts are based. In the National Rally project, sports measures focus only on clubs.Become a true recruiter for both religious extremism and misconduct“. Federations and sports clubs have been warned, public authorities have said”Urgent need to regain control“. For Marine Le Pen, a” myth “Black, white, arab“It was confusing as a result of the 1998 French team’s victory.”

As enthusiastic players in the world of sports, we are proud that sports have helped us fight racism. When athletes promise fraternity, equality between women and men, or when fighting homosexual aversion and all forms of violence. We are proud when we show that sport is a powerful means to include in our neighborhood and countryside. When it acts as a social elevator for young people with diverse backgrounds. We are proud when sports are the flag bearer of Republican values.

Our country is preparing to host the 2024 Olympics and Paralympics. This event represents a historic opportunity to ultimately provide a place suitable for sports. From early childhood to college, sports are a pillar of youth. Make it truly accessible to anyone, anywhere in the territory, at all ages, and whatever the chances left by existence. Use it further in your health policy. We support our sports models, clubs and European projects to maintain the championship. Make sports a powerful driver of social inclusion and economic development.

This is why we seek to stop the far right by voting for Emmanuel Macron on April 24, beyond the variety of beliefs we have personally and expressed in the first round.

220 signers:

Jean-Philippe Acensi, Michael Aloisio, Jean-Michel Aulas, Claude Atcher, Philippe Bana, Béatrice Barbusse, Marie Barsacq, James Blateau, Thierry Braillard, Virgile Caillet, Michel Callot, Dominique Carlac’h, Betty Charlier, David Douillet Jack-Henri Eiro, Loic Ferry, Valerie Fourneyron, Bridget Enriquez, Serene Jobert, Frederik Josinette, Nicholas Julia, Marie Amelie Le Farr, Olivier Retan, Veronique Moreira, Stephane Nomis, Marie Sophie Obama, Philippe Didier Seminet, Jean-Pierre Siutat, Eric Tanguy, Robins Ttchale-Watchou, Magali Tezenas du Montcel, Anne Tournier-Lasserve, Patrick Vajda, Jean Zoungrana, Claire Allard, Frédéric Alliot Bernard Amsallem, Colette Andrusyszyn, Thib Antoine Aubour, Christian Babonneau, Yanis Bacha, Véronique Barre, Pierre Barthelem, Aïmane Bassiouni, Marc Batard, Vincent Batigne, Patrick Bayeux, Jean-Marie Bellicini, Sébastien Bericini, Sébastien Sylvain Berthenod, Alain Bertholom, Didier Besseyre, Maël Besson, Gladys Bezier, Leslie Bigini, Philippe Biro, Antony Bloch, David Blough, Yves Boissière, Rich ard Bouigue, Frédéric Bouix, Emeline Bourre, Jérémy Botton Jean-Christophe Breillat, Jacques Bungert, Axel Carree, Alain Carrière, Brice Chambard, Laurent Chambertin, Mathieu Charpentier, Vincent Chaudel, Margot Chave, Yacine Chikhi Collette, Bernaud Comment, Arnaud Clément Darras, Armand de Rendinger, Audrey Delacroix, Frédéric Delannoy, Jean-Luc Denechaud, Séverine Desbouys, Brigitte Deydier, Rémi Dhalluin, Frédéric De Meglio, Louis Dieu, Edouard Julie Eissen, Daniel Emelin, Claude Fauquet, Charlotte Feraille, Charles Ferreira, Michel Filliau, Arnaud Flanquart, Laurence Frère, I an-François Froustey, Arnaud Gandais, Bruno Gares, Pascal Gentil, Charlotte Gigard Fabre, Jean-Marl , Cédric Gosse, Jean Gracia, Alexis Gramblat, Pascal Grizot, Philippe Grunenbaum, Jean-Baptiste Guegan Guillou, David Guillouf, Fabrice Halipre, Stéphane Hatot, Nathalie Henaff, Benoit Henry, Karim H erida, William Heude, Cyril Jacobsen, Emmanuelle Jaeger, Régis Juanico, Skander Karaa, Jean-Pierre Karaquillo, Hakim Khellaf, Roland Krzentowski, Lachens, Bruno Lalande, Philippe Lamblin, Clotilde Larrose, David Lazarus Kévin Legrand, Yoann Lemaire, Anne-Marie Lemoine, Rémi Leonetti, Christophe Lepetit, Arnaud Leroux, Gatien Letartre, Auré Philippe Lot, Jean Jack Rosac, Americ Magne, Lore Martin, Jerome Martin, Tony Martin, Lamblin Martini, Alan Martless, Florence Masnada, Dennis Macelia, Cedric Messina, Thierry Messina, Gael Milon, Olivier Monato, Gills More tton, Jean-Jacques Mulot, Grégory Murac, Michèle My, Michel Naniche, Guillaume Naslin Dominique Nato, Jean-Michel Oprendek, Xavier Parenteau, Valérie Pasquier, Johann Pellicot, Frédéric Pereira, Bertrand Perrin, Jean-Claude Perrin, Clément Julien Pierre, Marie-Françoise Potereau, Pierre Rabadan, Claire Rabes , Antoine Richard, Souad Rochdi, Florence Rodes, Vincent Roger, Mickael Romezy, Sébastien Rouault, Jean-Emile Rouaux Roubert, Bénédicte Rouby , Paul-Emile Saab, Hassane Sadok, Lahcen Salhi, Charles Salmon, Maxime Sauvage, Gilles Segionale, Arnaud Simon, Serge Simon, Romain Sombret, Bruno Storai, Bouabdellah Tahri, Alain Talarmin, Thierry Teboul, Céd François Vilotte, Jean Vinzel, Patrick Wolf, Claude Elene Iwald Germont Press, Sori Ajiderkire, Natalie Zimmermann.