“250 euros of fuel per day”: Marine LePen’s turmoil

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250 euros of fuel per day? This is what Marine Le Pen met on Saturday with three liberal nurses spending on petrol. The amount of astronomical swelling due to the recent rise in gasoline prices. The presidential candidate of the National Union responded to France Amfo this Monday morning to defend and justify her measures to lower gasoline prices.

What did Marine Le Pen really say?

Marine Le Pen elaborated on her measures regarding fuel prices. “In the field,” she said, “reducing VAT from 20% to 5.5%,” and “removal of fuel as decided by Emmanuel Macron.” Dramatic situation “. Therefore, the RN candidate cites the example of “three liberal nurses spending 250 euros a day on fuel in the office”. Of course, we insist “per day”. “In rural areas, people who work hundreds of kilometers can travel, most often 30, 50, 70 kilometers away from work,” she explains.

His remarks were quickly picked up and criticized on social media. Therefore, Loire-Atlantique’s LREM Deputy Minister and former Ecology Minister François Dorgi said on Twitter that Marine Le Pen “is talking about a nurse who spends 250 euros a day on fuel.” “For a car that consumes 6 liters per 100km, one of two full tanks over 2000km and over 60 liters,” he continues. And to blame: “Populists say anything we don’t want to see. »»

What is it really?

Marine Le Pen did meet a nurse “in the field” who raised the issue of gasoline prices with her. The meeting was held on Saturday (not Sunday, as she says) at Piffonds in Yonne. In addition to this nurse, candidates for the National Union also met retirees and entrepreneurs. According to Republican Yonne, the debate lasted for an hour. Purpose ? As prices rise, the newspaper writes, “We better understand the problems they face on a daily basis.”

What did the nurse really say to him? According to a video posted on Marine Le Pen’s Facebook page, the nurse says she “runs 250 kilometers a day.” “We do 95% of our activities at home and meet 40-45 people every day,” she continues. Therefore, it is far from 250 euros per day. This means that the average consumption per 100 km is 7 liters, 1 liter of diesel is 2.14 euros, and gasoline costs just under 38 euros (35 euros) per day. If lead-free).

The Piffons nurse’s office, contacted by Le Parisien this Monday, confirmed the mistake in Marine Le Pen. “250 km per day is fine,” explains a colleague Marine Le Pen met. In that case, if three nurses work in the clinic and all three travel 250 km per day, the error is “minimal.” “We are three, but only one travels every day,” the nurse replies. The MarineLePen campaign team contacted acknowledges the “language error”.

If you actually had to spend 250 euros a day on gasoline, how many kilograms would you be able to do? Assuming that 7 liters of diesel per 100 km consumes 2.14 euros, 250 euros of gasoline covers more than 1,650 km. This will allow you to do Paris-Marseille twice. To reach 250 euros at 250 km, according to the same parameters, a liter of diesel must be at least 14 euros … this is far from what happens a priori.