33 “Sports Trophy” Winners / News

Martine Aubrey, Mayor of Lille, Clemence Clark, Sponsor, Manager, Team 1 Member of the Second Edition of “Trophées du Sport”time Members of LUC Water Polo, as well as elected members and judges of the city council, reward 29 individual or group winners (three categories: athletes, supervisors, judges, referees, volunteers), 4 We have awarded two “special prizes”. , Thursday, June 30, 2022, at Grand Carre Pierre Mauroy in the City Hall.


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  • Participated in the first European Championship at the age of 9 (5th)
  • 2 French Champions
  • 5 European Championships, 5 World Championships and 3 Top 10

Souad GHAZOUANI / ASPTT Weightlifting

  • Participation in the Paralympics 5 times (2004 to 2021)
  • 1 gold medal, 2 silver medals, 2 bronze medals, including the last Tokyo Olympics
  • World record-73kg, 150kg bar

Masoma Alizada / Cyclist

  • First member of the Afghanistan cycling team
  • In 2021, he was elected to the Olympic refugee team and participated in the Tokyo Olympics.
  • The first Afghan cyclist to participate in the Olympics

Ilyes ZOO / Break Dancer

  • 2018 Team Vice World Champion
  • 2021 BBOY French Championship winner
  • France’s hope for the 2024 Paris Olympics

Sports award

Samuel La Verodetobar / Vauban Lille Fencing Academy

  • Special season to qualify for the U17 World Championship
  • The best French M17 (sword shooter) in its category

Team 1 Senior Male / AS View Reel Basket

  • The first of their group in R2
  • Finished second in the playoffs and will be in the pre-national next season

Liam O’DUILL / Canoe Club Reel

  • Member of the French Cadets Sprint Team
  • Participated in the Olympics (Youth Olympics)

Team 1 Senior / LUC Handy Sports

  • A team that has evolved for three years at the highest level in Japan (7th place this season)
  • Having held a EuroCup qualifying tournament at home, the club won the next European Championship and passed the qualifying.

Alexis Mines / LUC Badminton

  • Winner of this season’s International Open and selected for the French group
  • 16-year-old adult champion
  • Top 5 French members of the cadet category

Women’s U15 Team & Basil LANNUZEL / Lille Sud Basketball Sports Club

  • A team that evolves in the club from the U9 category
  • Next season, we will move on to regional division
  • Basil is a key player in the club and a project leader in the development of women’s sports.

Clémence COCCORDANO and Simon CLUSMAN / Lille Métropole Swimming

  • Clemence became the French champion in open water in 2019 and was named the world in Seychelles in September 2022.
  • Simon was selected for the next European and World Championships
  • Two great hopes of swimming in France

Team 1 and 2 Senior Male / Iris Rugby Club Reel 1924

  • Team 1, the winner of Dunkirk in the final, became the champion of Hauts-de-France. Next season will evolve to Federal 3.
  • Team 2 is also the Hauts-de-France champion in that category four years after the last title.

Kris Oliver SIEWEDJIEKAM / Faubourg de Béthune Judo Club

  • 5th in the French Cadet Championship
  • 1st place in the European Cup held in Coimbra (Portugal) last May
  • First French in that category

Team 1 Senior Female / LUC Water Polo

  • 8th title of French champion
  • This year’s Coupe de France winner team is approaching the European elite

Lille sports exercise

Daniel Butes / ASPTT Weightlifting Bodybuilding

  • A pillar of ASPTT, he participated in the training of great champions (especially Eric Bonnell and Cedric Plancon).
  • He has been an accountant for this section since 1975 and has been deeply involved in omni sports.

Emily Bricket / Reel Rhythm and Sports Gymnastics

  • Club since its founding in 1995, assistant coach from 16 years old
  • Her skills as a national judge have been recognized and she has started a master class to strengthen the autonomy and skills of gymnasts.

Philip Kay Zeal / Lille Metro Pole Basket Club

  • A longtime club clerk, he is the club’s “memory” and his advice is highly valued by new volunteers.
  • Also employed as a ProB Table de Marque board member

Romain-Pierre CHEVALIER / ASPTT Omnisport

  • Very invested in the world of golf
  • Organizers of inter-company tournaments related to FSASPTT
  • In the previous term, he was a member of OMS and actively worked on the alliance of the new club.

Alexandre Debut / Five Boxing Club

  • Alexandre, who arrived at the club at the age of nine, stood out in educational boxing. He is the North Champion, the Flanders Champion.
  • He wanted to continue his investment as a referee, and now oversees an educational boxing school

Marie Jose DUFOSSE & Ambre CAMPECHE / ASPTT Athletics

  • Marie Jose celebrates her 50th birthday at ASPTT (joined in 1972) and is recognized as one of the best chrono judges in the region.
  • She has been training umbrellas for four years in this position, which requires rigor and concentration and is essential to the club’s competitiveness.

Eric FACHE / Racing Club De Bois Blanc

  • Educators have invested in young teams and have seen all generations pass by since the early 2000s.
  • He has been licensed to the club for 30 years and sets ambitious goals for the team each year.

Deborah Foret / ES Rubiere Pervoisan

  • Joined the club for the first time as a graduate mother from 2012 and joined the club.
  • Since 2017, he has acquired the federal label “Foot Féminin” as the vice president in charge of developing women’s soccer.

Silvie Glory / Lil Metropole Futsal

  • First Hour Club Volunteer
  • Accompanied by all sections of the club in managing the refreshment bar and preparing snacks for children
  • A real predator of a club with a constant commitment

Raphaël HENDRYCK & Anthony DARRAS / Faubourg de Béthune Judo Club

  • Rafael, 12, arrived at the club at the age of 5, and is today one of the best French judges in his category.
  • He is overseen by Anthony, who manages arbitration training in addition to teaching judo and jujutsu.

Rudimander / US Caribbean

  • A highly dynamic educator who does his best to instill citizens’ values ​​in the children of the club
  • Thanks to his skills, Rudy is respected by his parents, children, and the people around the club.

Pascale QUOY / Reel Metropolis Roller

  • Pascal, the founder of the club with her children, has trained all generations
  • She resigned as president three years ago, but she can still teach young people how to skate.

Celine ROELANDTS BEAUVOIS / LUC gymnastics

  • He joined the club at the age of 6 and has been accounting since 2015.
  • She also coached over 11 years old and raised them to the highest level in the country.
  • His presence and rigor were highly valued during the health crisis

Sebastian SUEUR / Tennis Club Lirowa LM

  • Approved by the club for many years, he has more and more responsibilities each year.
  • Very invested in the PlayInChallenger organization

Boualem TICHERAFI / US Lille Moulins Carrel

  • The historic pillar of the club, Buarem, is highly regarded not only within the club, but also at other clubs in Metropolis.
  • Important work with children and fighting injustice

Matthew WLODARCZAK / LUC Field Hockey

  • Member of the association for 33 years
  • This season, he launched the “Hockey Vegetable Garden” project, allowing parents and children to take care of a shared garden at the end of a training session.

Jean-Michel VANHEE / Compagnie d’Arc de Lille

  • With a 20-year license from the club, Jean-Michel has been coaching for 14 years.
  • Jean-Michel is a volunteer who has invested in the organization of the competition and the performance of the archers.

Daniel Vere / ASPTT Judo

  • A brilliant international judoka career: Vice European Junior Champion, Fifth World, French Junior, Senior, Veteran Champion
  • Converted as a coach and recognized in the area, Daniel will celebrate his 50th birthday at ASPTT next season.

Mouad ZOUBIR / AS Faubourg de Bethune

  • An educator in the club, he is in charge of the soccer school
  • Due to his investment and skills, he is respected in the neighborhood, along with his parents and institutions.

Lille sports:

  • 61 Sports field;
  • 182 Sports Association;
  • 200 Annual sporting events (playing in the Tennis Challenger, Route Duble, Half Marathon, Lille Halderott, Open de Flandre de Karate, Urban Trail, etc.). Not to mention all the teams competing on the weekends. , As well as operations performed by the sports department in clubs and schools);
  • 27 Stadium, 40 With nearby land 3 Pool, 1 Sliding hole;
  • Four Sporting goods labeled with the Olympic Preparation Center.
  • Large-scale plan 50 million Euro to renovate at least one sports facility per district between 2020 and 2026.