“60 years later, I will put an end to Algeria’s immigration privileges.”

FIGAROVOX / TRIBUNE- The presidential candidate wants to review the immigration agreement that was agreed 60 years ago.He promises to establish a “respectful relationship, not repentance” with Algeria

From 60 years ago to the present day, the signing of the Evian Accords marked the official suspension of combat in the war in Algeria, where France had won but no longer wanted wages.

The peace that followed was never really one. In the weeks and months that followed, thousands of Europeans and tens of thousands of Archi were kidnapped, tortured and killed.

Since then, France has often defeated guilt in front of arrogant Algerian leaders. As millions of Algerians and Algerian descendants came to our land, they promoted their large-scale immigration under a special agreement between France and Algeria.

From the war of weapons to the war of memory

And at home, Algerian leaders did everything to perpetuate this resentment. This is part of the national story of Algeria.German campaign of 1813“. The national anthem of Algeria is clear:O France!The day has come when you have to be accountableI’m still singing 60 years after my independence.

Instead of countering this story, Emmanuel Macron has nothing better than feeding it, and colonization on the Algerian channel is “Crimes against humanity“. Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin was exacerbated by offering a very dissonant tricolor wreath at the foot of the monument to the Martyrs of Algiers who fought against France.

Dangerous and reckless words and deeds that come over Algerian operations aimed at arousing the rejection of France among the young Arab Muslims of our country. It is a terrible word for those returning from Algeria and Archi, or their descendants, in which the memories of abuse, violence, and escape are still vivid. The words that his recent actions did not make us forget about Archi and the returnees.

Above all, it is certainly not this kind of word or gesture that allows our country to be revered on the other side of the Mediterranean.

Migratory bird from another time

Algerian leaders never insult us, but they do not question the irrelevant benefits recognized by post-colonial France today. In 1968, with the extension of the Evian Accord, France signed an agreement with Algeria, allowing it to promote Algerian immigration. At that time, employers expressed an important need for the workforce. Today, we have millions of unemployed people and no longer want this immigrant, but Algerians continue to benefit from these privileges.

But even with that in mind, no government has dared to return to the 1968 immigration agreement. Elected as President of the Republic, I firmly put an end to the exorbitant immigration privileges of the Algerians.

I also have an Algerian patient in debt at our hospital (estimated at 600 million euros in 2012 …), or a person over 100 years old for an Algerian-affected French pension. We also pay particular attention to scams.France must regain its role as a Mediterranean power without repentance

From the summer of my election, I will go to Maglev. Of course, starting from Algeria, I will review our relationship and start a tour to confirm our position: respect, not repentance. I want a strong France to take on and claim itself again as a great power in the Mediterranean. In a true dialogue 60 years after independence, I treat Algeria as a mature nation like all other nations in the world.

I am now providing financial assistance and visas, subject to an agreement permitting cooperation with illegal immigrants, re-entry of illegal immigrants exiled from France, and execution of small imprisonment in their country of origin. Foreign criminal.

My parents came from Algeria, they assimilated, they cherished this France that gave them everything, and today I perpetuate what they told me. With me, the door of assimilation is always open, but anyone who wants to stay with us on the path of resentment and rejection in France is no longer welcomed.