80’s Tour, March 26, 2022, Palais des Sports-Paris

A beautiful deluxe box was released last August, but a planned release of his album reissue Come out and play With vinyl on May 6th Kim wilde His new tour began on the date he arrived in France. cicada In paris April 25, 2022 !!

Report'LiveKim Wilde, April 25, 2022, La Cigale – Paris

This time was the correct date after being postponed twice due to the health crisis … April 25, 2022, especially at La Cigale, a hall in Paris, as she has been there every time for years. I like it (excluding her in 2012) at the Trianon Theater).
We find his brother on the stage on his side Ricky Wild Guitar and backing vocals, his niece Scarlet wild To the choir and voice, Steve Power On the keyboard Neil Jones On the guitar Paul Cooper Bass (same for 2018) and two drums on this tour Emily Dolan Davis When Jonathan Atkinson..

The first half of the evening was outsourced to Valentine, A young French artist. I found him at a concert by Daniel Gishar in Olympia in November 2018. It’s not easy to play in front of an audience who didn’t come for him. He was very good. He interpreted his title as well as the guitar, but was a little winked by picking up the title of Laurent Voulzy “Lesnuitssans Kim Wilde”, which did not fail to publish the artist at night.
Check out the photos of his visit below:

Just at 8:30 pm, the lights go out, only the stage lights up blue, the soundtrack starts, Kim’s voice is heard … and the members of the group enter the La Cigarle stage together and start playing. Anger for love.. The concert is about to begin! … Kim arrives wearing a cap (with a sequined “POP” on top) that allows her to see her gaze from her room. Then she greets the audience on both sides of the stage and begins singing.
This excerpt from the first title serves as an introduction to a concert that has already promised to be rock. And the public is not misunderstood by giving a voice not only to the chorus but also to the poems of the following songs. Kim says the first word of the evening in French, “We are together again, I missed you,” and then they continue to never trust strangers.
Kim often sees fans on both the pit and the balcony of the hall of La Cigaré. She remembers her other musicians and her niece Scarlet, and there is always as much accomplice between her and her brother on stage.The evening continues with the title Million Mile Away, Can’t get enough..
So If i don’t have youBee Gees cover for editing released in 1993, it continues with songs without downtime touch When Second time..
Candy Crush From his latest studio album Aliens have come Released in 2018, then Water on the glass (1981) With Steve Power coming in front of the stage with the keyboard on his shoulder.So birthdayWhen Cambodia..
Cambodia … The music, the lighting and the atmosphere of the room on stage made this song an unforgettable moment and what the general public has been waiting for. She makes them sing many times.
More songs follow: Love in a natural way, Four-letter word, Blade RunnerAnd its tube: View from the bridge, Checkers love, You came, You keep me hangin Great version.

In front of a stage with ample space, the general public comes to give bouquets and gifts to artists in the middle of the night.

She leaves the stage for a while and returns to Angkor wearing a cap and title cape from the beginning of the concert. Pop doesn’t stop..They couldn’t finish the concert without that iconic title American children..

A concert that ends too early. Spent 1 hour and 45 minutes with Kim Wilde and his group at La Cigarle.
She was very impressed with finding the French masses for this concert. It remains unforgettable for both the artist and his masses!

They will continue touring with Denmark and the United Kingdom, taking a break this summer at concerts at festivals including Treraz (49) on June 21st. After that, the tour will resume in September next year.

Text: Angelique L.
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We invite you to see the photos taken during the concert below.


Concert set list

Rage to Love (excerpt)
Never trust strangers
Million Mile Away
Can’t get enough (of your love)
If i don’t have you
Second time
Candy Crush
Water on the glass
Love is holy
Love in a natural way
Four-letter word
Blade Runner
View from the bridge
Checkers love
You came
You keep me hangin

Pop doesn’t stop
American children


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