900 cheerleaders are expected at Dreux on Sunday, May 1st!

Please hurry! The youth of the Druma Majorette Club are refining the choreography to be presented at a large rally this Sunday at the sports hall and at the football field Vupre Stadium this afternoon. Highlights of Maëlys, Eva, Clara, Assa, Nina-Rose…, Maxime. As a teenager, he was the only boy to join the group. And he enthuses with enthusiasm! “I love dancing. I don’t care when people say it. The important thing is to have fun. »»

With the theme of Italy!

The AFMF (Amicale des fanfares des majorettes de France) French Championship shows how up-to-date this genre is. Boots, hats and rhythmic step times to the military band are to be stored in souvenir cupboards, explains Natalie Sagaz, group leader of the Portuguese Association.

In 2019, Dreux already had 800!

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From northern France to southeast, via Brittany: 900 sportswomen set the tone with choreography that reflects their tastes. “This rally is Italian-themed with a great variety of music in collective memory, such as Felicitad.

In the morning, under the wise and careful gaze of the jury (monitor and former majorette), they are booked for a group presentation of the two dances.

The most spectacular weather is in the afternoon, starting with the sports hall and having a parade of all participants parading the Jean-Hio Bridge before gathering at Jean-Brook Stadium.

Great parade early in the afternoon

In an enthusiastic atmosphere, formations gather in an ensemble that runs two tables called “pompoms” and “batons.” It is expected that many people will admire the artists who have shattered this genre. Corinne Fréselle, daughter of the co-founder of the Drouais country cheerleader group and her own instructor, said: This development is logical. »»

training. The French Majorette Championship will take place on Sunday at 8:45 am at Parade Sports, followed by a parade of the Jean-Hio Bridge at 2:00 pm to meet at the stadium. Free admission.

Olivier Bohin