A Boeing 737 black box crashed in China was found

On March 21, 2022, paramilitary police officers searched the crash site of a China Eastern Airlines plane in Teng County, Wuzhou City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, southern China.

Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) officials announced on Monday that a Boeing 737-800 flight recorder, which had 132 people on board and crashed in southern China, was recovered (March 23).

“The black box of China Eastern Airlines MU5735 was discovered on March 23.”CAAC spokesman Liu Lusong told reporters. The plane provided a connection between Kunming (southwest) and Canton (south) Chinese cities. The CAAC could not immediately determine whether the black box found contained audio recordings in the cockpit (CVR) or flight data (FDR).

China Eastern Airlines domestic flight MU5735 crashed on a tree-lined hill in a city in southern Wuzhou on Monday. Hundreds of firefighters, soldiers, doctors, volunteers and local politicians are mobilized to find traces of passengers, their belongings and a second black box.

CAAC officials reported late Tuesday that no survivors had been found so far. Hope was slim and the aircraft crashed almost vertically before it ignited.

China’s worst plane crash since 1994

The search was stopped on Wednesday as heavy rains flooded the disaster area, making it muddy and dangerous for rescuers. “Small landslides can occur”Explained a reporter from public television CCTV, who said he still feels “Smell of kerosene” At the scene two days after the disaster. “There is a big hole in the collision point of the plane. There is water in it. (…) Drainage work is certainly necessary. “He insisted.

The most serious plane crash since 1994 in China, where experts consider aviation safety to be very good, as 123 passengers and 9 crew members may have been confirmed dead. It will be an accident. According to CAAC, all the people on board were Chinese nationals.

According to data from the specialized site Flightradar, the plane suddenly plunged toward the ground before it crashed. Behavior deemed abnormal by an expert. “The air traffic controller immediately contacted the crew several times when he noticed a sharp drop in the altitude of the plane, but there was no response.”Said Zhu Tao, CAAC’s Director of Aviation Security, on Tuesday.

According to Mao Yanfeng, director of the CAAC accident investigation department “Weather did not show any risk” Especially in flight. Sun Shiying, a senior official of China Eastern Airlines, said on Wednesday that the captain and two co-pilots had accumulated 6,709, 31,769 and 556 flight hours, respectively. “Based on the first factor we have, the service records of these pilots were usually very good and their family situation was in harmony.”He specified.

This device wasn’t old. It has been used in China since 2015 and has already performed nearly 9,000 flights in over 18,000 hours, he said. According to China Eastern Airlines, it met all airworthiness requirements. Nevertheless, CAAC has ordered a general inspection of the aviation sector over the next two weeks.

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