A device for purchasing tickets announced by the organizers of the Olympic Games

The organizers of the Olympics have provided instructions for obtaining valuable sesame seeds.

The preparatory games for the 2024 Olympics (July 26-August 11) and the Paralympics (August 28-September 8) have been contaminated by controversies affecting the Torch Relay in recent weeks (10). The above departments refused admission tickets for 150,000 Euro); and one of the halls of the Porto de Versailles Exhibition Center, which unleashed the wrath of Tokyo silver medalist Evan Fournier and Nicolas Batum. At the venue of the basketball qualifying event at Tsude.

In this regard, at the end of this Monday’s board of directors, the organizers announced a system that accompanies the sale of 13.4 million tickets (10 million in 32 Olympic sports, 1,000 in 700 sessions). 10,000 sheets, Paralympics). 80% of sales are reserved for the general public and 20% are reserved for the gaming ecosystem (local governments, partners, broadcasters, hospitality, etc.). “”Tickets are the most specific element of the game and will be unique to peopleSummarizes Michaelël Aloïsio, a spokesman for Paris 2024. The rest is from the sponsorship and contributions of the International Olympic Committee.

“Unique emotions”

If the entire price list is not yet complete, the first information shows that in the Olympic part, the entry price for all sports tickets will be set at € 24. There are 1 million tickets booked at this rate. And almost half of the tickets cost less than 50 euros. Admission to the Paralympics (22 sports) is € 15 (500,000) and almost half of the tickets cost less than € 25. And spectators can buy a one-day pass for € 24 to discover some Paralympic sports.

Tickets, stage races. Take a breath. Paris 2024 relies on a single sales site (100% digital ticket). The starting line will be drawn in December 2022. Candidates will then be able to enroll in a lottery for slot allocations for several hours, and selected people will be able to purchase in February 2023 while the pack is on sale. With this unique device, you can know which tickets are available for sale and buy them in real time. If you were not selected by lottery, there is another possibility. In May 2023, a unit sale will be organized with a new draw to win slots. And at the end of 2023, there will be a new sales phase for the last ticket, perhaps without a draw. For the Paralympics, the ticket sales schedule will start in the fall of 2023.

To increase the chances of getting a ticket, the organizer will join the Paris 2024 Club (https://club.paris2024.org) to get priority access when the sale starts and all the information about the ticket. It is recommended that you receive.

To fight the black market, a platform for the secondary market will be created to enable resale.

After two Olympic games (Tokyo 2021 and Beijing 2022) in a closed room due to the health crisis, the organizers of Paris 2024 want to fill the stadium. Careful budget assumptions are based on a sufficiency rate of 85%.

The race is about to begin. Work has not yet been done at the opening and closing ticket offices. Tony Estanguet, President of Cojo, summarizes:Following the game is always about experiencing unique emotions, inspirations and moments of unity (…) It’s a symbolic experience of life (…) You can say “I was there” Probably.»»