A huge trial of a dentist accused of amputating his patient in Marseille

Radiated since then, Lionel Gezi has deactivated his teeth and raised his prosthesis in revenge, even when it didn’t help. In front of 322 ex-patients, he must answer his actions on Monday and for six weeks in Marseille.

6-week hearing, 322 civic parties, specially equipped room with nearly 400 seats. This Monday in Marseille, the extraordinary trial of millionaire dentist Lionel Gezi will begin.

Practitioners appear in the Marseille Criminal Court for “intentional violence that results in a mutilation or permanent disability,” “fraud,” and “use of counterfeiting.” Removed from the dentist’s order from 2016, he faces 10 years in prison for these facts.

Part 2: Dentists are suspected of enriching themselves behind health insurance, mostly through disadvantaged patients with universal health insurance. Therefore, CPAM estimates that it suffers from massive fraud, which is equivalent to € 3.6 million to € 4.7 million.

“Familiar” to his patient

At the age of 55, Saleha will stop working. In 2019 she quit her job at a bakery in Marseille herself. “Staying out, staying with her colleague and giving off these stinks … I couldn’t,” she says.

The “stink” she speaks of is emitted from her mouth and has been detrimental to her daily life for over a decade. “When someone sits next to me, I don’t even talk anymore,” she testifies to her mother, who can no longer eat solid food as she goes through the hands of the dentist. increase.

Thirteen years ago, in 2009, Saleha showed no particular health problems. If she decides to consult a dentist, it’s only because of a small intervention in an old dental prosthesis that is starting to come off. In her review, she met a dentist in the Saint Antoine district of Marseille’s 15th district and immediately made an appointment.

“He was very friendly. He kissed me and gave me confidence when we didn’t know each other,” she recalls a dentist who talks briefly with the patient. ..

“The mistake I made was to tell him about my life,” she says. after.. At that time, Saleh lost her husband, suffered from her oral cancer, and she was hospitalized in Latimene, Marseille.

According to her, Lionel Gezi was “emotional” playing with fear that something similar to him might happen. Otherwise, they will drop out.

“We have the same teeth, the teeth of the geji.”

Each week, the practitioner modifies the entire dentition by placing a new prosthesis. “I couldn’t understand what he was doing, he didn’t really explain. But I said,” He’s a dentist and he knows what he’s doing. It was like. Problem: The bridge is not retained and the infection accumulates throughout the procedure.

Little by little, in his mouth, the “genocide” affects his life, even today. An unpleasant smell, a fragile bridge … it’s impossible for her mother to forget what happened to her.

“It ruined my life. When I brush my teeth, I keep it in mind every day. Because of the smell, I couldn’t rebuild my life after my husband’s death. . “

In her neighborhood, Saleh says she regularly encounters other mothers with the same dentition. “We have the same teeth, the teeth of the geji. He destroyed far more people than those in court,” she said.

Saleh’s story is not an isolated case. According to the reference order, hundreds of people were victims of established tactics, betting on the interests of the Gezi Cabinet rather than the health of those who paraded there.

Up to 70 patients per day for “Star Smile”

In 2010, with a profit of nearly 3 million euros, Lionel Guedj was ranked number one among national level dentists in terms of fees. A flea in the ear of the Primary Health Insurance Fund (CPAM), which suspects suspicious practice. And the conclusions of the resulting report are clear. The amount of activity of a practitioner seems almost unrealistic.

Opened in 2005 in this working-class district of Marseille, dentists are in the hands of 40-70 people every day. In addition to this, it cost 15 times more than the national average, and many prostheses fit 15 times higher than his colleagues in the Paca area.

According to CPAM’s conclusion, Lionel Guedj, backed by his father Jean-Claude Guedj, also referred to the criminal court, wearing the prosthesis with full force and claiming the maximum amount, even for patients with full teeth. In some cases, simple scaling was started, and some people saw the teeth deactivated one by one by the practitioner who made the “star smile” shine.

“You have a geji smile,” he reports to BFMTV.com Me Lionel Febbraro, who represents 11 ex-patients of the dentist, as the joke was widespread in the northern district.

Repeated infections …

However, after these actions, they are performed much faster than other dentists, resulting in multiple abscesses and infections. Complaints double and specify the order of reference until several dissatisfied patients arrive each day.

One of them uses a leaflet to blame the poor quality of care provided by the dentist while requesting a refund. Witnesses report that Lionel Gezi has decided not to leave his office at this time. As in any other similar situation, he asks his father to process his claim.

After a long investigation, practitioners are charged in 2019 with “intentional violence committed between 2006 and 2012 resulting in medically unjustified tooth corruption, humiliation, tooth extraction and other cuts.” It will be.

… but no compensation

On their side, patients who are victims of the dentist’s alleged amputation are being compensated and fighting to be able to redo their teeth. Requests that remain dead letters for 10 years.

“This is a health hazard affecting hundreds of people, and CPAM has never been responsible for treating these people. The Victims Compensation Fund is part of Lionel Gezi. Swinging around the presumption of innocence. These people have been abandoned. “, I lament Lionel Febraro.

On the defense side, “give the answer”

Abandoned or tampered X-rays, fraud, violence, and disconnection … The charges against Lionel Gezi are heavy. However, when asked by BFMTV.com, his lawyer expressed some relief at the dawn of the start of his trial.

“We have been waiting for this new stage for a long time. We will finally be able to explain ourselves to the court and give a certain number of answers,” his client said with the Citizens’ Party. We are facing each other.

Between May 2008 and January 2012, a total of 2367 patients passed through the client’s office. That’s exactly what MeMonneret wants to play, more precisely the ratio of the total number of patients to the number of complaints.

“We also have to judge the existence of intentionality. There was a problem with the quality of care, but the challenge is to show that they are rather related to the shortcomings of negligence and recklessness. “He adds. During police detention in 2012, Lionel Guedj also denied acting against the interests of the patient.

“Turn pages”

After waiting 10 years, Saleha expects only one thing to be able to “turn the page” from the hearing starting on Monday. Therefore, she is recognized as a victim and seeks compensation so that her teeth can be redone.

Anyone who intends to tell her what happened during the trial is “looking forward” to finding herself in front of Lionel Gezi. It’s not cute to be called “Marseille’s toothless people”, so I’d like to turn the page. “