A month to the rhythm of outdoor sports in Pas-de-Curry-

From Saturday, May 21, 2022 to Sunday, June 26, Pad Curry lives in the rhythm of outdoor sports.Opportunity to introduce “Extraordinary potential of the sector in this area” As President Jean Claude Leroy points out.There are 39 events in these 5 programsth Edition Nature Sports Month ((((msn). Starts with Owanee (The trajectory of the Black Pyramid) Ends with curry (Nature Sports Festival) With the official launch of the application GETAWAY62.. An indispensable tool to accompany the natural activities of Pas-de-Curry presented to you on this occasion.

In Owanee from May 21st

Organized by the department in close cooperation with all partners (Communities, clubs, associations, etc.)The Moon of Outdoor Sports shows the ambition of the community in the field. It is an ambition for the controlled development of outdoor sports, taking into account the vulnerabilities of the environment, the attractiveness of local tourists, the social and educational impacts. Sports.

Commitment at the heart of work and outcomes Space, Site, Route Division Committee (CDESI) Since 2016, it has been chaired by Ludwig Rocket, Vice President of the Division.

A true parliament of sports and nature in Pas-de-Calais, care is taken to reconcile the development of practices within the territory with respect for the environment.

MSN 2022 has been awarded the “Sustainable Development, Sports Engagement ®” label by the French National Olympics and the Sports Commission (CNOSF).

39 meetings

  • May 21: The Black Pyramid Trail Owanee
  • May 21-22: Artois Crazy Raid Duisan
  • May 21-22: National Downhill Sprint Selective To Saint Laurent Blancie
  • May 22: From Lille Harderott reel
  • May 22: X Trem Run at Wings
  • May 27: Lumbres Grandeur Life # 1 Trail Fit at Eskeldes
  • May 27: Hiking from the lake Aldor
  • May 28: Lumbres Grandeur Nature # 2 Orientation Kelkan
  • May 28-29: Liévin National Driving Tournament To Liévin
  • May 29: From Rinx’Trail # 1 Wierre-Effroy
  • 1er June: Monts’O Festival Utro
  • June 2: The nature of Ch’ti “2 feet above the ground” To Wings
  • June 4-5: Hobbit trail To The Shire
  • June 4: French long coast championship Sangatte
  • June 4: Ham your sneakers Am-en-Altois
  • June 5: Natural sports village Annay-sous-Lens
  • June 6: Marcusin’s round Turnuem Shurlahem
  • June 8th, 15th, 22nd: UNSS Nature Sports Meeting Pad curry
  • June 10-12: National Disabled Persons Day To Concil Ru Temple
  • June 10-12: Celebrate the earth with Tilloy-les-Mofflaines
  • June 11: Lumbres Grandeur Nature # 3 Going out on a mountain bike Bayen Emreseningem
  • and again June 11: All bicycles equipped with CAHC To Enan Beaumont
  • the June 11th and 12th: Tuquereid Amazon Tuke-Paris-Plages
  • June 12: RAID MTB Artois Opale At the department storeOlhain
  • June 12: Weppe Swimrun at Wings
  • June 12-19: Canoe festival Sangatte
  • June 13-16: Roaming hike on Francigena Street Mee-pad curry
  • June 15: animation “Afterwork” fly fishing Lenti
  • June 17: First night “Around pollen maters” At the chateau dal de lot Condette
  • June 18: Trail Sangatte
  • and again June 18: Adapt your park to Wings
  • nevertheless June 18: Lumbres Grandeur Nature # 5 Nordic Walking Coaching Light
  • June 19: Two people race Willie
  • June 19: Animation for local youth Saint Laurent Blancie
  • June 24: Lumbres Grandeur Nature # 5 Half-night Orientation Audrem
  • June 24-25: Pad Curry Nature Sports Festival curry
  • June 26: Rinx’Trail # 2 to Wissant

A complete guide to Nature Sports Month, including all appointments to download Please click the following link. Minutes of the Month of Natural Sports 2022