A platform for buying and selling used sporting goods based in Crapie

The second-hand market is booming in France, reaching € 7 billion in 2021 and estimated to surpass the new market by 2028.

Therefore, the idea of ​​launching A community platform for buying and selling sporting goods and clothing. A challenge created in 2021 by a Montpellier start-up that has already met the audience.

His boss, Gref Cotlet, was himself a sportsman, an amateur triathlete, and a new eco-guest in Blue Hérault, France.

What made you want to create this sporting goods platform? As an athlete, did you have any needs?

I was already looking for used equipment, or I was also looking for reselling my equipment. And there were a few offers on the website side. Not so many, except for Le boncoin.. Therefore, the idea of ​​opening this community platform to all athletes in the spirit of economy and ecology. To make the circular economy work in sports.

Used sporting goods can be found on other sites. What is your peculiarity? For example, what else is there besides Leboncoin?

At Sporteed, we have over 100 sports references, 4500 categories, and we wanted to be quite a specialist.Being able to store sporting goods securely and provide a community with all the athletes you meet Not mixed with cars, sofas and furniture.. It’s really a platform for athletes and we only find sports products.

And who are you talking to?

For all athletes, parents, amateurs, professionals, clubs and all sports. Restore purchasing power for all athletes Especially for parents whose children are growing up and have to change their sportswear every year. Children grow up and wallets are not always the case. Children change their sport every six months. It gives the family a way to have easier access to sports.

Is it also an opportunity to test a sport that you might not have tested because the equipment is expensive?

absolutely. Being imprisoned, everyone participated in a small sport, Therefore, it provides a fairly easy way to participate in and test sports at a low cost. There were CrossFit, triathlon, running, yoga and fitness. At home, you have the equipment you need and you can access all kinds of equipment from your platform.

So if you want to put your device up for sale, how does it work?

It’s very easy.. Just register on the site. Take a picture of his article, give it a title, description, and category, and publish it online. And anyone can come and see it, bookmark it, ask the seller a question, answer it, and buy it easily. Everything is safe. We process deliveries with multiple carriers and the buyer validates the product within 48 hours of the arrival of the product. If he validates his product, the seller receives the money directly.

So we really find everything. I also saw a video game console. Is it really a sport?

No. In fact, there are many people who try anything, so I’m trying to sort it out. So, even if you have esports, for now, Reject game consoles on the platform.. This escaped us.

I also saw ankle braces for sale. Is it a sport or after a sport, even when injured?

Yes, we also have paramedical products A protein for muscle building. We pay attention to the best-by date, but all of the sports are on the platform.

How many items are you currently selling?

At the moment, Selling 6,000 items and registering 25,000.. It went from 10,000 to 25,000 registered on January 1st. Growth is very encouraging.

You also have a good plan. What kind of content is it?

Yes, sports tips. So we are also looking for good deals with brands and old collections. In-stock sporting goods Based on an agreement with the brand, we collect stores and offer them in a changing room called “Sportsman’s Good Plan.”

What is your business model?

Take a commission from the buyer.. If the seller starts selling his product for 100 euros, he will receive 100 euros. It is the buyer who bears the management costs. 7.5% plus 99 cents.