A tour that became a base for French volleyball and became a local-level institution

Touraine Volleyball has a historic date. Facing Monza this Wednesday night (8 pm), TVB may win its third European title following the Champions League (2005) and CEV Cup (2017). To do this, after losing in Italy last Wednesday, Zeljko Coric’s teammates need to win 3-0 or 3-1 in the hope of playing the golden set (0-3: 19). -25, 19-25, 22-25). Well-known scenario between Loire and Cher: Five years ago, a tour carried by the giant David Conekney was beaten on the way to the other side of Trentino and then his hideout (3-1 / I knocked down Trent at 15-13). Alps, already. “In 2017, we found that the first match wasn’t that important,” Naughty slides a former Czech International who grabbed the steering wheel of his car for a 12-hour trip to the city that dubbed him on Tuesday.

But at the beginning of the week, nothing was said about the euphoria of grabbing the center of the city over time in the tranquility of early spring in the sun. Calmness is essential in the front yard of the Municipal Sports Center, a historic building built between the large complex of Sanitas and Gramont Avenue, built in the middle of the last century. Resident club box office revenue is closed.

And justified: Thousands of tickets sold online on March 12th found Taker. “In 6 minutes” TVB General Manager Pascal Foussard confirms that he was torn between the happiness caused by this enthusiasm and the disappointment of not being able to meet hundreds of additional demands (from 6:30 pm). 100 locations will be available at the ticket office). On Wednesday night, they’ll have more than 3,000 people to push towards a feat in a room where Robert Glenon is expected to be full, but the poster could undoubtedly attract twice as many spectators. I have.

With Geraldo Graciano, the general public of Touraine.  (E. Garnier / Team)

With Geraldo Graciano, the general public of Touraine. (E. Garnier / Team)

2003 European Coronation Launched TVB

In less than 20 years since the first national trophy raised by the TVB (Coupe de France 2003), the club has settled in the center of the locals and has been vacated by other areas facing difficulties. -Most of the time it’s financial. The panorama of “France’s Sportiest City” in 1980 was when FC Tours was preparing to spend happy days in Part 1, when ASGT dominated French hockey, and in France the Double National Champion. It has changed radically since the ASPO was mandatory.Basketball: Three clubs that have disappeared now .. Everyone knows that Tours VB is paying attention to it as a safe haven. “Probably unknowingly knowing the local situation”,

Thanks to Foussard. The Touraine Club, which has been the base of French volleyball since the coronation in Europe in 2005, has suffered from such misfortunes, even though the Covid-19 pandemic has passed, despite the unsuccessful episode of naming McDonald’s. It seems to be protected. season. How strong is he? In the first place, a strong presence and loyal and devoted partner in the territory. “He is the most beautiful ambassador in the city. Confirm Eric Thomas, Deputy Sports Representative of Mayor Emmanuel Dennis (EELV).

Pascal Foussard perfectly embodies the combination of three elements: governance stability, financial partner loyalty, and true sporting success. »»

“Icing on the cake is the masses of Glenon, the seventh man on TVB.”

Eric Thomas, Deputy Representative of Sports at Tour City Hall A former player who became a coach and then a manager quickly tied up the president he accompanied for many years, making TVB Entreprises a recognized player on the local economic network and, in fact, a club with solid shoulders. I admire you. “A statement from Tours has for some time said that in order to do business here, you need to be a Freemason or part of TVBE.” He slips into a mischievous smile.Nevertheless, good words that clarify the importance of the system “Respected and respected” (Thomas) In his town. “The tour is really a vibrating city for volleyball, the masses are the main players: it will be a great party”,

We predict Gérald Hardy-Des sources that passed the club between 2003 and 2007 and then between 2012 and 2014. “Icing on the cake is the masses of Glenon, the seventh man on TVB.”,

Thomas insists. A room that doesn’t need much to ignite. In addition, the Monza team expects it. Recently, Italian players have been training against the backdrop of the mass records captured on the tour, as if to prepare for a sudden storm waiting for them. An atmosphere that contrasts with the recent tranquility of Touraine. In the heart of the Loire Valley, once praised by the King of France, the third European title will crown the prince of the city.