A weekend under the threat of urban collapse in Mers-les-Bains

Maxime Thomas (right) won a poster competition to promote the Mers Festi Ride event on August 6th and 7th.
Maxime Thomas (right) won a poster competition to promote the Mers Festi Ride event on August 6th and 7th. (©L’Infor:ator)

A festival of alternative sports takes place around the skate park. Seelebanof sum.

The city’s sports department is planning a new edition of the Mers Festi Ride on August 6th and 7th, 2022. This organization relies on several partners. Le Petit Shop, Goride, Mers Scoot Association, Maunakéa, and Somen.

About ten years ago, the city began building a skatepark in the heart of the prairie.

450m of this device2 One of the most beautiful in Picardy. Frequented by many enthusiasts, an association was established to promote the practice of urban sliding. It’s been around for a few years now… and the Mers Festi Ride was born, offering great entertainment on weekends.

“Young image of our city”

Mayor, Michelle Drapine “This corresponds well with the young and dynamic image we want to give the station”. Meadow is a slide-themed village open to free activities.

Maxime Thomas, poster contest winner

The sports department wanted to innovate the communication for this event. A poster contest open to all is running until his June. Service his manager Vincent Debonnets said: The aim was to enable everyone to be creative. A jury made up of elected officials, including the mayor, and managers of the sports and communications departments, met to vote to create Maxime Thomas, a 34-year-old artist and painter from Mers who was elected I am proud of that. “I didn’t necessarily think I would win. I saw an ad for a contest. I wasn’t working at the time, so I decided to go. Equivalent to.” This young man was inspired by board sports and the heritage of the city, including its villas. The original was drawn with watercolor and ink. His work is widely distributed to promote his Mers Festi Ride. Maxime Thomas was given a skateboard. There will also be gifts for other participants.

Vincent DevoneThe head of the municipality’s sports department said: It is also an opportunity to develop motor skills, concentration, flexibility and balance. ”

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free ski village

On Saturday 6th August the Mers Scoot Association will host a sport scooter competition from 2pm to 6pm.

Goride will open Skateboards on Sunday, August 7th from 2pm to 6pm. Registration is done at the local skatepark.

In the Great Plains, on Saturday, August 6th and Sunday, August 7th, a gliding village will be set up in the Great Plains. Various stands and spaces will be set up, as well as an exhibition on environmental considerations.

The youth program includes initiations and demonstrations in skimboarding (a water sliding sport), skateboarding, scooters, air bikes (bicycles), balance areas and climbing walls. This ski village activity will be free. What a great way to spend time with family.

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