“Abnormal” behavior, 132 people on board … what we know about a plane crash in China

A commercial aircraft crashed in southern China on Monday. It is unlikely that 132 people on board will be found alive, but official reports have not yet been reported.

A Boeing 737 with 132 passengers crashed on Monday in southern China. In a country with significantly improved aviation safety, it could be the most deadly accident since 1994. According to the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), the aircraft “has lost contact with Wuzhou City” in the mountainous region of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, with no casualties.

“It was confirmed that the flight had crashed,” she added in a short statement, adding that she had dispatched a “mobility force” to the scene. The aircraft carried 123 passengers and 9 crew members.

China’s President Xi Jinping said he was “shocked” after the crash, state media CCTV reported. In an unusually enthusiastic reaction, the Beijing powerhouse showed the chain, calling for “identifying the cause of the accident as soon as possible.”

  • “Very unusual” behavior of planes before the crash

Jean-Paul Troadec, a former director of the Civil Aviation Safety Investigation and Analysis Bureau (BEA), told AFP that it was “premature” to draw conclusions, but some factors could still be analyzed.

“On the Flightradar site, we can see that an airplane at cruising altitude (about 9,000 m above sea level, editor’s note) plunged toward the ground at 600 km / h before it crashed. This is very unusual. I wouldn’t give you a profile like that at all. “

“Imagine we stalled at high altitude. At that moment, the pilot’s nose dives a little and regains speed, and the plane slowly resumes flight. These are the first of flight training. It’s an operation I’ve learned in a few hours. Stall altitude at high altitude, it makes up for it very, very well, so it’s something else, “he says.

  • 8km fall in 3 minutes

According to the specialized site FlightRadar24, the device lost about 26,000 feet (7,925 m) in three minutes before disappearing from the radar screen after 2:22 pm local time (7:22 am in France).

After the plane crashed on the hillside, it was “completely dismembered,” locals told local media. The accident in the mountains “caused a fire.” Some of them show CCTV on public television, adding that rescue teams were sent to the scene.

China Eastern Airlines is the second largest airline in China in terms of passenger numbers. Despite Covid’s traffic congestion in China, the company said it shipped more than 5 million people in January alone, and the latest data are available. China Eastern Airlines is based in Shanghai and offers connections to both domestic and international flights, especially to Paris.

  • China’s good aviation safety

Airplane accidents are relatively rare in China, where air traffic has increased significantly in recent decades and safety measures are generally strict. The country’s last major accident dates back to August 2010. Later, a plane from the Chinese company Henan Airlines crashed in the northeastern part of the country, killing about 40 people.

  • Airplane model without any problems

The aircraft was a priori Boeing 737-800NG, a generation prior to the infamous 737-MAX generation, and was banned from flying after two fatal accidents. However, according to Jean-Paul Troadec, a former director of the Civil Aviation Safety Investigation and Analysis Bureau (BEA), the recent issue was not related to the 737-800NG.

“I’ve never heard of any particular problems with this model of aircraft. It’s a derivative of a very old Boeing 737, but with the latest engine. The aircraft doesn’t suffer the same type of damage. It was. Than the evolution of flight control MAX (editor’s note that caused the two accidents), “he guarantees.

China Eastern Airlines owns 751 aircraft, including 289 Boeing 737s. From the United States, Boeing said, “We are trying to collect more information.”