ACB changes MMA eye pork and sleeve rules

This Wednesday, the Boxing and Martial Arts Commission (ACB) Association passed two changes to the Unified Mixed Martial Arts Rules.

The ABC Annual Meeting is held annually in various locations throughout the United States and is attended by many heads and representatives of test run organizations nationwide and beyond. This year’s conference will be held in Niagara Falls, New York.

The conference, led by the association’s president, Mike Mazuri, will run for five days. The first two days consist of refereeing and judging classes led by certified instructors Kevin MacDonald, Blake Grice and Sal D’Amato. The next three days will be spent discussing common MMA issues and listening to guest speakers.

Topics such as weight loss, fighter safety, open scoring, and transgender athletes. It was on the agenda at this year’s conference. Guest speakers included many medical professionals, as well as UFC veterans Din Thomas and Jake Ellenberger.

Wednesday was the final day of the ABC 2022 meeting and had the most direct impact. It’s a rule vote. Two MMA rules were voted on and unanimously passed.

Rule change 1: Fighter has 5 minutes to recover after eye punch (Eye pork)

Photo courtesy of: Zuffa / UFC

Belmhammad of the United States reacts after unintentionally poking his eyes from Leon Edwards during the fight at the UFC Fight Night in Las Vegas on March 13, 2021. The battle ended with no contest.

Punching into the eyes and punching into the crotch are common fouls in MMA competitions.

For crotch shots, the athlete will automatically recover for 5 minutes. The action can be resumed at its discretion, as long as the timeout clock is not ringing for 5 minutes.

It didn’t look like that until the 2022 ABC conference. According to the rulebook, the fighter did not have time to recover. Authorities can call a timeout to notify the fighter who threw the foul and ensure that the attacked fighter has not suffered any damage that would require the battle to stop.

If the fighter chooses after the rule’s language has changed, a 5-minute timeout will be automatically assigned when you poke your eyes. If the fighter cannot continue due to time out, the battle will be stopped, as in the case of a crotch punch.

Rule change 2: Neoprene sleeves can be worn by competitors

Photo provider: AFP Photo

Francis Ngannou (red gloves) will face Ciryl Gane (blue gloves) at UFC 270 at the Honda Center.

Neoprene sleeves (or other knee pads), often at the discretion of the test run, will become widely accepted in the ABC jurisdiction.

Below are the complete rules.

“Fighters can use flexible neoprene-type sleeves to cover only knee or ankle joints. Approved sleeves are padded, velcro, plastic, metal, fasteners, or unsafe. Do not use any other material that may be considered or create an unreasonable advantage. Neoprene sleeves are not considered equipment or clothing and cannot be seized in an internal favor. You can also confiscate yourself as in. No material other than tape, gauze, or approved sleeves is allowed on the lower body. Sleeves may be blue, red, or colored. The color must be black, except for the correspondence between the sleeves and the corners assigned by the athletes’ committee.