According to Jean-Luc Blasard, “it’s time to change things” in the federation.

We certainly got there in the sports world. Something had to happen. A large number of federations with dozens of athletes report not only individual cases, but also group cases that occur in Canadian sports.First showed to Brother the measures announced by Minister San Onji on Sunday, especially by making the national sport organization accountable and changing the funding criteria.

“” It’s time for something to happen. It’s a step in the right direction. Now, in the world of federation sports, it’s important that the boots follow the chops, as there are still the same people as when I was an athlete. »»

— — Quote from Jean-Luc Brasard

Jean-Luc Brassard’s comments are confirmed in the roadmap summary (even simple) of a particular federation leader who has become a career manager by moving from one federation to another for decades.

Will these people, who have closed their eyes for years, change overnight? Not checked yet. Expect the minister to provide the necessary support to really get things done. I liked in her report imposing financial considerations and penalties on those she didn’t want to change.And that’s the line of warHe insisted.

Brotherd says it is encouraged to see the minister tackle the issue head-on. Although she has only been in office for five months, Minister St-Onge has already taken more steps than all ministers in the last two decades.He pointed out.

Act and protect athletes

For him, the federation’s board must be transparent and accountable. Jean-Luc Blasard argues against the idea that these organizations may not have known what was happening in the backyard.

It’s not true that they don’t know what’s going on. I’ve seen it in the past.These people must be used not only to monitor the budget of the federation, which is often minimalist, but also for something.He said.

For Brother, the manager’s priority must be the health and safety of the athlete. He is outraged at the idea of ​​accepting to close his eyes to everything in the name of performance.

“” There is only one observation, which is a monumental failure. These people need to seriously explore their souls. They had the power to change things, but they didn’t for all sorts of reasons. If they weren’t in the past, would they suddenly do so in the future? Not checked yet. »»

— — Quote from Jean-Luc Brasard

Former athletes go a step further by blaming all kinds of abuse, harassment, intimidation, or completely outdated training techniques.

The spirit of suffering and sacrificing to become an Olympic athlete has long been obsolete. It exists only in the popular imagination. There are many athletes who have achieved great performance while prospering. Sports must be a school of life first and foremost, even at the highest levels.

Jean-Luc Blasard commented on the Federal Sports Minister’s announcement of abuse in the Canadian sports world.

We learn to lose and win. We learn to go beyond ourselves. It’s like someone going to school. If he does it in a good mood by prosperity, his grades will be better than he does by whipping or being banished throughout his career.

There is no difference in the world of sports. It’s just that there is an old notion that you need to be suffering, you need to be suffering, and you have to drag yourself through the thorn tub of roses. Obviously outdated.It’s time to work on thisHe concluded.

(With information from Gabrielle Proulx)