African countries are organizing to return their people

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Seventeen students arrived in Akra on Tuesday. This is the first return of the Ghanaians as African countries attempted to provide assistance to the people who fled Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. According to Senegal, 12 African embassies are “pooling their resources and efforts” to improve support for these peoples.

The first group of Ghanaian students evacuated from Ukraine returned on Tuesday 1er March in Ghana as African nations step up their efforts to help escape Russia’s aggression.

Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, said it would begin evacuating more than 1,500 people evacuated to Poland, Hungary and Romania on Wednesday.

Prior to the attack, according to Ukraine’s Pretoria ambassador, Liubov Abravitova, Ukraine has accepted about 16,000 African students and is trying to facilitate the return of some of them.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said on Tuesday that more than 660,000 people fleeing Ukraine have flocked to neighboring countries, increasing “exponentially”. “At this rate, the situation is likely to be Europe’s biggest refugee crisis of the century,” UNHCR spokeswoman Xàbia Mantou said at a press conference in Geneva.

Relief after a miserable escape

The 17 Ghanaian students who arrived in Accra, the capital of Ghana on Tuesday, seemed relieved. They said they wanted to reunite with their family after a tragic journey.

Foreign Minister Shirley Ayorkoll Bocchiway said a total of 527 Ghanaian citizens would cross the Ukrainian border to several European countries and return shortly if desired.

“I was afraid of my life, so I decided to leave. Some towns were bombed near my house and I talked to my parents. I asked, “Prisila Ajay told AFP when she arrived at Akra. “It wasn’t easy, but we thank God for accomplishing it and finally arriving in Ghana.”

Another student, Esther Edze, said the group was based in Akra, with the support of the Pentecost Church in about 100 countries, and the addition of Ghanaian diplomats across borders.

The Government of Ghana says it will help students reunite with their families and reintegrate into their country.

African Union concerns

The Nigerian government has told him that it is preparing to evacuate more than 1,500 people who have fled to Poland, Hungary and Romania on Wednesday. Foreign Minister Jeffrey Oniyama said there are about 8,000 Nigerian citizens in Ukraine, including 5,600 students.

The head of Nigerian diplomacy also showed that he had talked with Ukrainian and Polish authorities to ensure that Nigerians were not denied their right to cross the border.

The African Union (AU) expressed concern on Monday after growing criticism of racist behavior against Africans at the Ukrainian border. She emphasized that applying “unacceptable different treatment” to Africans would be “shocking and racist” and “violating international law.”

Poland’s ambassador to Nigeria dismissed the accusation that “everyone is treated equally” at the border between Ukraine and Poland. However, some foreigners, including Africans, say they are still struggling to reach neighboring countries in Ukraine. Some African students said they were set aside to allow Ukrainians to cross the border first.

African resource pool

Richard Ajay Kushi, a Ghanaian student interviewed by AFP at the Polish border, said, “It’s blocked. Nobody tells us anything. They’re calling for 20 people to go through, but I We’re still there. “Looking at the line, our friends, some of them are there for more than four days now,” added the young man who was blocked for two days.

Many African countries, from South Africa to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, are trying to help the people who have left Ukraine.

Secretary of State Moïse Sarr said Tuesday morning in Dakar that more than 20 Senegalese people had gathered in Poland and were being taken care of by the Warsaw embassy. Moïse Sarr also said that 12 African embassies “pooled their resources and efforts” to improve support for Ukraine’s African population.