Africans stuck on the Ukrainian border: Nigeria wants citizens to be treated “dignified”

Many Africans want to flee Ukraine after complaining that Russia’s invasion has prevented them from leaving the country. Amid growing accusations of racial discrimination, the Nigerian government urged customs authorities in Ukraine and neighboring countries on Monday to treat its people with “dignity.”

“There were unfortunate reports that Ukrainian police and guards refused to let Nigerians get on buses and trains,” a Nigerian presidential spokesman said in a statement.

“A video that is widely disseminated on social media filmed a Nigerian mother being physically forced to take her baby and give up her seat to another,” the statement continued. I did.

Many testimonials about social networks

On social networks, a video shared with the hashtag #AfricansInUkraine shows a scene of intense tension between border guards and people from Africa at the border between Ukraine and neighboring countries such as Poland.

“European Union citizens have the right to cross, but we Africans do not,” the man testified in a video.

“A Nigerian medical student told me at the Polish-Ukrainian border (Medica-Sheini). She waited seven hours and crossed. The border guard stopped the blacks and sent them to the bottom of the line to send the Ukrainians. I said I had to get it through. First, “a BBC journalist who collected some testimony was broadcast on Twitter.

Poland denies

Poland’s Nigerian ambassador, Joanna Tarnavska, has dismissed the charges of racism. “Everyone is treated equally. According to the information I have, I can be sure that some of the Nigerian people have already crossed the border into Poland,” she told the local media.

According to diplomats, invalid ID was accepted to cross the border and the restrictions associated with Covid-19 were lifted. She added that Nigerians have 15 days to leave the country.

Nigerian citizens are not the only foreigners who have been victims of discriminatory treatment.South African Foreign Minister said On twitter “South African students and other Africans were abused at the Ukrainian-Polish border,” he said.newspaper Indian era It also shows that Indian students would have suffered the same fate.

According to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi, about 500,000 Ukrainians have fled the country since the Russian attack began. Almost half of them reached Poland and the others to Hungary, Moldova, Romania and Slovakia.