After 30 years of sleep, Skidress is back on track and taking over the business

The rise was a meteor.A well-known and recognized brand in the world of high-level skiing Skidless In 1948, when Anrio Railer won the first French gold medal in one of his costumes at the Olympic Games in St. Moritz (Switzerland), he gave himself a worldwide showcase. The company then exported its success outside the ski resort in a “chic and sporty” style. Some of them were designed by Thierry Mugler and Emmanuelle Khan. In the 1960s and 1970s, it was worn by Michel Polnareff, Sheila, Gilbert Becaud, Sylvie Vartan, or her son David Hallyday. Then it goes off track. In the 1980s, Skidress disappeared and was buried in competition with major retailers. Guaranteed by the previous owner.

2013 resurrection

The story may have ended there.But it didn’t take into account the ambitions of Bruno Martinier, Chamberry ski enthusiasts and serial entrepreneur. “Sold the company’s stock Adventure group To my partner in 2011, then I set up a destination Nation show in Lyon, but that didn’t work as I expected, “he says.

Looking for a new project to undertake, he activates his network and goes looking for ideas. While chatting with his acquaintances, he has the idea of ​​reviving a dormant skiwear brand. “The main advantage of the acquisition over the creation of the exnihilo brand is Media spotlightRecognize Bruno Martini. And, as in some cases of current retailers based in winter sports resorts, there is also goodwill capital. »»

There are several sunken skiwear brands! Therefore, Bruno Martinier had to investigate to find the right one. “I looked up old grimoires in the library and prolonged old advertisements and articles,” he says. He identified a list of candidate brands and finally selected Skidress, which was created in Strasbourg in the 1930s. Charles Muller and Charles DeeboltOne of the creators of the first French ski school in Val d’Isere.

“It is a French brand with an international name and will promote its development abroad. Trademarks are no longer registered.. Therefore, there is no need to find and buy back a legitimate claimant. “On the advice of my lawyer, I simply resubmitted the trademark to Inpi,” continues Bruno Martinier.

All stories are schuss

However, there is no doubt about using the brand that way. Only the name is taken. In the meantime, I had to change the logo. “Some mountain retailers told us they remember it, even if it was a different logo,” Bruno Martinier laughs. There is no doubt that the brand name will be “after 1930” or “after 1930”. Ski dresses go to vehicles, but officially as if it were zero.

With a passion for skiing, Bruno Martinie created an adventure group and a destination nage show before developing the Skidress brand.
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But nothing prevents buyers from playing the nostalgia and history cards to the fullest. “To design the logo and the first collection, we were inspired by the origins of ski dresses. The idea persisted in the 1930s and 1950s, as it was then, in chic and elegance guidelines in ski practice. It was to let you.

To commemorate the 90th anniversary, Skidres has reissued the iconic heart-shaped mouse jacket designed by Emmanuelle Khan. The brand new manager also wants to maintain a foothold in the sports world.He signed in 2020 Two-year partnership with the French Federation of Ice Sports..

I grew up outside the station

The past is one leg, but we are looking to the future. The brand has conquered a multi-brand distributor of ski resorts. They represent 95% of sales (untransmitted amount) for 5% of merchant sites. Skidress now wants to export the concept to the city. “This is where we have the greatest potential for growth. We are just starting to work on ready-to-wear and it’s been two years,” commented Bruno Martinier.

Another means for expected growth: international. Skidress has already been distributed by several retailers in Norway, Switzerland, Italy, England, the United States and Australia, but we hope to increase the number of overseas partners. After two years of complex years with the Covid-19 pandemic and the start of stuttering until 2015, Skidress closed fiscal year 2021 and increased orders by 40%.