After a demonstration against Classico-Real Madrid (0-4): Barcelona de Xavi, Express Revolution

How does the Barcelona 0-4 given to Real Madrid at Bernabeu on Sunday after 2-6 in 2009 and 5-0 in 2010 fit into the glorious history of Brau Grana in Classico? Here, symbolism is no longer related to the unchallengeed domination of Catalan clubs during the Guardiola era, and above all seems to announce a change.

“”Barca is back“We also welcomed columnist Ruben Uria in sports this Monday, but his colleague Luis Mascaro estimated that Xavi’s team had it.”Changed history“Sunday, small but big, the club wants to reconnect. For Barcelona, ​​March 20, 2022 must be a milestone. It’s the first symbol of a new era initiated by the acquisition of Xavi. must be. .


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Five months after his arrival, Catalan engineers revolutionized a sick, harmless, unstable, and sometimes unreadable team interviewed under Ronald Koeman at the beginning of the season. rice field. Barça struggled on a daily basis five months ago, but his coach begins to dream of a bright future that can be seen as much as a guarantee of identity as a symbol of ambition in the coming years.

Atletico swing

To be honest, this Sunday we didn’t imagine Barça being so fast and strong. Probably because the double confrontation with PSG gave some clues, but without the best players I couldn’t imagine such a weak Real. But the way Braugrana dominated the operation, the way he had to interpret the tactical axis determined by the Catalan staff, and the desire not to give anything to the enemy, This sequence of crazy Xavi at 0-4 of embryos of opposite behaviorGive food to think about the impact on the self-confidence of the group, no matter how talented you are.

Therefore, Barcelona’s stats have been dazzling since the reference match (4-2) with Atletico in February.

  • 11 games
  • 8 wins
  • 3 draw
  • 31 points (average 2.8)
  • 10 goals (0.9 on average)

The overwhelming victory on Sunday belongs to his young boss in the first place. On the management side, Xavi immediately remobilized the defeated group. Without rushing into the locker room or hitting old and new. In this Barcelona Crusades 2022, everyone is ultimately facing the same direction. Inevitably, it’s easy right away.

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Internal recruit

Tactically, Xavi’s contribution was immediate. Barça didn’t seem to get into it five months ago, but is now one of the most dangerous teams in transition, under the leadership of Dembele, Traore, Torres, and apparently Aubameyan. .. Sergio Busquets dragged his long corpse in a defensive and aggressive animation, making him difficult, and on Sunday he became the middle emperor again.

In addition, if winter recruits give this Barça a big boost, people coming from the clinic (or fictitious loft) will allow Xavi to accelerate his revolution a bit more. A glimpse of Dembele for a few weeks is more and more similar to what was expected over the years. When it comes to Pedri, he seems to be more than a perfect clone of the ideal midfielder drawn by Xavi. And when Ansu Fati is expected to return from the ceasefire …

If some Catalan media regret that this epic recovery is already too late in LaLiga, which is almost promised to Real, it’s worth remembering where the club was last November. .. Xavi’s prowess is there: to regain hope for the Braugranans who had already drawn the line under this 2021-2022 season. “”This victory can change the dynamics of the present and the future“, Admitted the main stakeholders after the match. The most important word of his decision is arguably the last …

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