After League 1-FCGB-Montpellier: Is one loss too much for Bordeaux?

There was hope and a real will to believe it. And a black hole. The clock didn’t even show 20 minutes of play this Sunday, when Bordeaux seemed to be heading for the 15th defeat of the season. Montpellier was barely disturbed by the large atmosphere that reigned over the span of Mattomut Atlantic, and placed two deadly banderillas through Eriewahi and Floranmore. A nightmare may begin.

But the indifferent and harmless Girondins had a reason to believe in a crazy comeback. In the end, Nicolas Cozza and Mihailo Risti were sent off before the break, leaving MHSC with nine. But even in this situation, Boldere remained silent. Alberth Elis missed the penalty at the end of the first period, and then the locals never knew how to take advantage of their clear numerical advantage. What overwhelmed their coaches seriously? “When you wear a Girondin jersey, you have to look better.”Blew off David Guillon in front of the press.

League 1

“We understand their hatred and screams.”

March 13, 2022 4:31 pm

The group scuttled completely

“I’m angry with the players because I know the stakes and can’t play the match as I did when everything was in place to win. Continued to be a former coach of Reims. I think the group completely crushed each other this afternoon. ” And add it as an approval of the impotence: “We pull a lot of levers to play the competition and put in other players. Look and try to put in another system, more attackers, another animation with more techniques. But for now nothing works. “

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With emotions that are visibly influenced and perceptible just by listening to the sound of his voice, Gion admits it: Arrived at the scapula club in mid-February, but he still has a solution. I haven’t found. Josuha Guilavogui, a winter rookie already sandwiched between the captain’s armbands, hasn’t led far. “I’m sorry I have no words. For a while it was very difficult. I have nothing to say.”With a prime video microphone, shocked to drop France International.

Costil, turbulent return

Perhaps the most worrying thing in this case is not at the accounting level.Well, FCGB is the last “9 games left, 27 points, that’s a small reason for hope.”Emphasized the Bordeaux engineer with an international ceasefire to double his efforts in his army. No, perhaps the most worrisome is elsewhere. At the stand, more accurately. So far, and despite a series of bad results, Marine et Blancs has always been able to rely on their supporters, especially the unwavering support of Ultras. But all suggest that this twelfth retreat caused a real break.

Benoit Costil (Bordeaux) vs. Montpellier. / League 1

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The situation was already very tense at half time. BenoĆ®t Costil, who had made a big return to the field before returning to the locker room, had the right to have a very muscular quarrel with members of Ultramarine, so Aquitaine may have degenerated without Steward’s intervention. The goalkeeper was targeted by the projectile. “I found the hostility there and felt there was a break between Benoit and the supporters.”, Noticed David Guillon. In this context, how can you imagine the last wall to carry out its mission with complete peace of mind?

Supporters seeking explanation

The 34-year-old doorman wasn’t the only target of the deafening roar that accompanies the last whistle an hour later... “It’s up to us to seek out the environment and convince it with our attitude and actions. We deserve the wrath of these whistles, our supporters.”Admitted the coach of Bordeaux. But that wasn’t the only thing.

As AFP revealed, about 200 Girondin fans stayed around the stadium for a long time, complaining and asking the players for clarification. Some of them, like Guilavogui and Jimmy Briand, went to see them. A peaceful, 15-minute exchange before everyone leaves. But we must not mislead ourselves. This terrible Sunday afternoon will leave its mark.

Bordeaux supporters after losing to Montpellier on Sunday, March 20, 2022. / League 1

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