Agen: What is the name of the future sports center on the sports plains of Laval and Armandy?

A new associative center was built as part of the main work done in Armandy and the Sports Plains. The city hall has begun discussions to name it. What is your favorite?

For several months, major works have been launched in Armandy and Laval. Operation Titanic as part of a large-scale rehabilitation of the sports plain. For this purpose, a new associative pole has emerged from the ground. A whole new structure of six clubs and their 1,400 licensees (especially athletics, basque pelota, SUA youth, triathlon, tennis, etc.) evolving within this enclosure. It also serves the general public of the school, who has been practicing sports for hours in Laval. Another novelty, this sports center can also be used by individual practitioners. Municipalities intend to open this device to everyone. For example, it’s perfect for people who are working and want to play sports all day long. They can use a changing room with a shower, which will be equipped to warm their meals.
The job of this association center is in home stretching. “The schedule was a bit late,” explains Muriel Gay, deputy director of services at Agen City Hall. “The stucco dividers could not withstand temperatures below 5 ° C.” The weather is in the game now. All must be completed by the end of March or by April 1 at the latest. And it’s not a fish!

April 6th inauguration

The inauguration of this structure should take place on April 6. A major step in allowing various associations to own the site.
In this regard, Agen’s City Hall has begun civic consultations via social networks. “Help us choose the name of the sports center”, wrote the municipality by revealing the individuality of the sport that “influenced the lives of the times”.
Thus, the municipality has published a list of five personalities: two women and three men. Five names, the possibility to choose through voting performed on social networks.

Are you talking about Natalie Thomas Sports Center or Monserato Amede Sports Center? These are two possibilities. At first he was the French champion of athletics. Her commitment is no longer shown every day as she brings to the young shoots of SUA athletics. The second was a French rugby champion who was able to wear a tricolor tunic.
On the male side, the name of Brice Dulin is also proposed for voting. Trained in Agen, Brice Dulin started with football and Basque pelota. Lot-et-Garonnais is also international now in La Rochel. Will the sports center be named Paul Baralin? Possibility of being the founder of SUA Rugby School. A beautiful compliment as Agen training has long been known to gain an immeasurable reputation.
Finally, the last possibility is the name of Gabriel Tual. A mid-range specialist, the athlete started on a Laval track. Last August, this former SUA athletics licensee participated in the finals of the Tokyo Olympics. And in 2022, his goal is the World Championships in Eugene, USA. Now it’s your turn!

5 Proposals Voted

5 Proposals Voted

State-of-the-art tools

The area of ​​this new sports center is 1,214m2. On the ground floor there are several changing rooms, including nine sportsmen from various associations that use the structure. Two changing rooms are reserved for various referees. Another room is dedicated to medical or doping control.
State-of-the-art weights and fitness rooms are offered to various licensees on the ground floor of this center. It has a surface of 200 square meters with a reception of about 50 people.
Built at Laval Stadium, the center also has hilarious rooms. With a surface area of ​​just over 120 m2, it will be available to various associations, where meetings and other general meetings can be held. Its capacity accommodates 127 people at the same time.

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