Algerian War: These presidential candidates are torn apart over the Evian Accords

Politics-The choice of dates was already controversial … On March 19, 2022, the 60th anniversary of the Evian Accords, Emmanuel Macron held a ceremony in Elysee in front of a young man working to reconcile memories between his descendants. I presided over it. Returnees, Jews and veterans from Alki, Algeria.

“It was neither the beginning of peace nor the end of the war,” but “it cannot be the only one or the end of the war.” Responded remotely. This choice.

To prove that the memories associated with the Algerian War are far from reconciliation, each presidential candidate found something to campaign for this historic memorial 22 days before the first round.

Candidate LR promised to find another anniversary on Friday, March 18, as “80% of civilian casualties collapsed after the Evian Accords.” On March 18, the signing date of the Evian Accords at the French Inter, RN candidates also challenged this choice. “Since this day, there have been tens of thousands of archi who have been brutally killed, and they have been treated particularly badly by the government at the time, so I would like to pay tribute to them,” Marine Le Pen said. Le Pen explained.

“Colonization has contributed to the development of Algeria,” said Marine Le Pen, who traveled to Loire this Saturday. On the contrary, Sandrine Rousseau defines colonization as a “crime against humanity”. The expression used by Emmanuel Macron during the 2017 campaign.

EELV candidate Yannick Jadot did not speak at the end of Saturday’s day, but Sandrine Rousseau’s message, exiled from the campaign, was seen by rivals as his political line. This is a sign of ecological danger. They always want to rewrite history and break through our past. No, France is not guilty of crimes against humanity in Algeria. No, France doesn’t have to be ashamed of itself! Eric Shioti, LR primary counterpart, argued that he is currently supporting Valerie Pécrès.

Not surprisingly, Eric Zemmour took advantage of this moment to talk about immigration. Elected as president, I firmly put an end to the exorbitant immigration privileges of the Algerians. I also pay particular attention to the debt of Algerian patients in our hospitals, or even the fraud of people over the age of 100 against Algerian-affected French pensions, “he said in his previous employment. I pointed out in a column posted on the main site, Le Figaro.

Candidate “Reconquest!” Those who repeatedly condemn Emmanuel Macron’s “repentance” in this text promised to go to Algeria in the summer if he was elected.

“The journey is incomplete, but the journey of approval has been denied and put an end to silence,” recalls Emmanuel Macron, who recalled the main of his assessments on this subject, from the order of Stora reporting to the approval of Algiers’ lawyers. Mentioned a stage. The activists were then tortured and killed by the French army Ali Boumengel and passed through a “pardon” addressed to Archi in the name of France.

The presidential candidate concluded his speech by explaining that he was “confident” in the future of memory, even if there was “new irritation.” Emmanuel Macron recalled that an exhibition on Algeria and France would be held in April at a museum dedicated to the two stories of Marseille’s Musem and Montpellier.

If Jean-Luc Melenchon didn’t speak, Fabien Roussel had a PCF demonstration in front of Charonne Subway Station a few days before the March 18, 1962 ceasefire.

“Communists acted with the people of Algeria,” said Maurice Audin, an Algerian independence activist. question Henri Alleg, both communists, accused of torture in Algeria.

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