All Leeds mourn his idol Marcelo Bielsa!

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“The whole love story is visible. At first sight, then the stars of the eyes appear … and it always ends in tears.” Some words that can summarize the pastoral between Marcelo Bielsa and Leeds United. And even if the love story often ends badly, for the most optimistic of us, it’s no exception between Argentines and whites. El Loco, who was swept away by the Spurs (0-4) early Saturday afternoon, was seen pointing to the peacock exit door the next day. A painful awakening for those who can’t get out of their current 16th place in the Premier League beyond worry.

“Leeds United allows the club to say goodbye to Marcelo Bielsa.”Therefore, I have shown the first sentence of a press release issued by Caucasians. It’s a clear announcement, but it’s almost essential when it comes to the context of sports. Remaining in a nightmare series of six games without the worst defense in the kingdom (60 goals recognized) and a league win, with a whopping 21 goals in the same period, El Loco’s Leeds recently made his A tactician who had only the madness of the Argentine nickname. Therefore, an unavoidable departure for former OM coaches, but an unforgettable passage by LUFC fans, is evidenced by a vibrant compliment with an apology accent made by its leader.

Marcelo Bielsa, the white resurrected man!

“Given Marcelo’s success at the club, it was the most difficult decision I had to make while at Leeds United.”Acknowledged the club owner, Andrea Radrizzani. And there is a good reason. After 16 years of absence, Bielsa, the true pioneer of Leeds’ historic promotion to the Premier League, remains in Peacock’s heart forever. El Loco, an unparalleled spectacular game coach, has thus rekindled the flames of the former British football powerhouse. From his first season at the top of the team, he also failed slightly in the Premier League playoffs before jumping over the championship (D2), winning the next season’s runner-up by 10 points. Did. To regain your elite status.

In his first season at PL, Leeds finished in prestigious 9th place, scoring the highest total points at this level, especially since the 2000-2001 season. Inevitably placing a coach in a cooler of a very special dimension on the side of Elland Road. “With Marcelo as our coach, we had three great seasons and a good time back on Elland Road. He changed the culture of the club and brought us all a spirit of victory, especially. The moments created between the 2019/20 season and the rise of the Premier League will, of course, be imprinted in all our memories, my memories, and the memories of our supporters for a long time.In this sense, the Leeds boss is also underlined. Endless praise shared by peacock football director Victor Alter.

“Since joining Leeds United, Marcelo has had a huge impact on the club on a scale I’ve never seen before. He created a legacy and improved the main infrastructure of Thorpe Arch. He oversaw, connected fans and players, and showed a clear path for young players to move to the first team. Given the special moments of recent years, which was the best year of my career, he It’s a pity that the reign of Leeds had to end this way, but it cannot be hidden from recent results... In Leeds, the 66-year-old Argentine was certainly worshiped.He has “Clubs, cities, teams united and didn’t go anywhere.”Whites captain Liam Cooper immediately admitted.

A vibrant tribute paid by the entire city!

In this respect, it is not the frescoes of the city walls depicted in his portrait that could contradict all the enthusiasm conveyed by former coaches Lille and Bilbao. Bielsa, a follower of this offensive game close to total football, well known to observers, quickly beat LUFC supporters. Therefore, it is not this sad end to change all the considerations given to the previous player. Newell’s Old Boys. “Marcelo, thank you for everything you did for me. You saw me what I didn’t even see in myself. You grow up as a player, especially as a person. Thank you to Marcelo for your happiness for the next chapter. Go to Leeds »Declared, especially Kalvin Phillips, defensive midfielders, and Whites’ English International (16 selections).Unconditional love and support was also relayed by Diego Llorente on his account twitter..

“The results did not reflect the efforts and learning you have inherited to us. It was an honor and privilege to grow with you. You did it for the team and me. Thank you for everything. Thank you for your continued support. “ A nice compliment also paid by Liam Cooper: “You have united clubs, cities, and teams that haven’t gone anywhere. Thank you forever to all who I and your staff have done for me and my family. The legend of the team’s club. Thank you Marcelo. “.. Although not visible now, Marcelo Bielsa, still close to the center of the peacock, could soon be replaced by Jesse Marsch, a pure product of the Red Bull team that passed through New York and Leipzig. The resurrection of the almost cursed club for almost 20 years.Fans cry and Bielsa also needs to be received “Permanent tribute to Marcelo on Elland Road” Follow the club’s instructions. Thank you, Elloco!