amateur rugby. After fire, Cazo rebuilds: ‘We didn’t expect such support’

The Cazo Olympic clubhouse was destroyed in a fire in Gironde.
The Cazo Olympic clubhouse was destroyed in a fire in Gironde. (© Photojet)

That was the sad news of July. One of the most devastating fires in recent years hit the Gironde. 2 weeks or more, 2 fire declared himself randylas and Teste-de-BuchIn all, 21,000 hectares were burned and nearly 37,000 people were evacuated.

fires that also affected the town of cazo, especially its rugby club. The team’s living space, dubbed the “clubhouse,” was set ablaze. Actu Rugby President Didier Dupuis We look back on these sad events and express our gratitude. Mobilization of the oval world.

“There were unforgettable memories there…”

The town of Kazou was destroyed by fire and two houses were destroyed. The Cazo Olympic Clubhouse, located on the shores of the famous Cazo Lake and more than a kilometer from the rugby stadium, has also suffered a sad fate in recent days. Didier Dupuis, the club’s president, sadly remembers: Did he want to make sure he wasn’t tripping anything? Because the fire had been out for some time. And finally, on the night of Wednesday through Thursday, around 6 in the morning, everything burned.

The CO strong man, who has been with the Girondins club where he has long been a player since 1987, continues his story:

The mayor of La Teste-de-Buch called me around 8 am the next day to say that the hut had burned down. It’s been so hard…I’ve been there for 35 years and today I’ve taken every step from player to president. There were unforgettable memories there…

Didier DupuisKazo Olympic President

The damage inside the clubhouse was extensive: refrigerators, freezers, poles, shields, training equipment, bars with beer machines, jersey games, balls… nothing left! I also had the duck breast left over, as well as the confit for the Rugby Festival the second week in August.

FFR, LNR and Pro Clubs Supporting Cazaux

Faced with the growing damage, Cazou chairman Didier Dupuy praised the tremendous mobilization of the rugby world, both professional and amateur. He also received letters from professional and amateur clubs. Bordeaux Begle and the Racing 92 specifically contacted me ”.

This solidarity of rugby players is a real opportunity for the Gironde leaders. After all, everyone is there to help, so there’s not much to do on your part. ” of New Aquitaine League de rugby took care of things like collecting training equipment to donate to CO. She also launched Online Kitty and shared it with all professional and amateur clubs to support the Cazo Club. Insurance will cover the rest.

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Club president Didier Dupuy posted a sad message on his Facebook account.
Club president Didier Dupuy posted a sad message on his Facebook account. (© Screenshot)

of French Rugby Federation Also, through the president, I flew to support the Kazo Olympics.

Also, on Saturday, August 27, Arcachon Bay (National 2) and Gujan Mestra (Fédérale 1) will be held at the Plaine des Sports Gilbert-Moga in La Teste-de-Buch and all profits from entries will go entirely to the Cazaux club.Commitment to Championship Region 2the Kazo Olympics will resume competition on September 18, and hopes to find a new place to live soon.

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