Ancelotti for history, French judo practitioners of gold, Messin and Bolderley go straight there … Sports weekend tops and flops

Description – From the coronation of Real by Carlo Ancelotti to the wonderful harvest of the French judo team in Sofia, the result of a sports weekend via a new fake pass for L1 inferior students.


Ancelotti Champion Anywhere

Following Milan for Italy, PSG for France, Bayern for Germany and Chelsea for England, Carlo Ancelotti won the title of Spanish Champion at the top of Real Madrid. The coronation was guaranteed on Saturday after issuing a 4-0 card against Espanyol, the 35th in the history of the White House. Five major European champions? it’s the first time. “”I am very happy.I had the opportunity to coach big teams, big clubs, Milan, Real, PSG, Chelsea and Bayern“, Italian engineers Bein Sports After dropping a heavy short sentence, which has meaning about Kylian Mbappe. “”The future of this club has already been written.With this president, the future is already written“But he didn’t say the 23-year-old world champion would join Real this summer. Meanwhile, Casablanca is still cutting out their work for them, and at a meeting with this person. Wednesday’s Champions League city. Obviously, we will not forget to emphasize Mr. Benzema’s importance in this coronation of Madrid.

Judo, Golden Girls

Roller coaster of Sophia’s French judo team. The French certainly left the European Championship with eight medals including three gold, two silver and three bronze for Romanudicco, Marie Ibugahier and Sirinubukuri. Even without Teddy Riner and Claris Agbenyo, it’s enough to finish at the top of the national classification. Notice that the girl brought back 7 of the 8 tricolor medals. Cedric Revol, the third in the category under 60kg on Friday, is one of nine French on the podium. What I saw in Bulgaria was expecting a men’s team for reconstruction.

Blood and gold heart

There are never two without three. Reims scored points on Saturday with a feeling of numerical inferiority complex against Nice (3-0 win) and Paris (1-1). The point in this case is this draw against FC Nantes (2-2). However, Canarias led 2-0 at this meeting on the 35th day of League One, and Brad and Gold played 19 minutes to 10 minutes after goalkeeper Jean-Louis Leca was banished. “”It’s something strong.Not many teams can do that, it’s a source of great pride“Taste the North coach Franck Haise. There’s something there. This racing has a heart and showed it again on Saturday night. It rises to 8th place in the French Championship rankings. That’s enough to stay in the European race. Chick?

Top 14: LOU counterattacks

Lyon is (much) better. At the beginning of April, LOU allowed Toulonnais a 10-43 rout at home, which did not signal a final stage race. Pierre Mignoni’s men, who have been rejuvenated by their success in Blive, have successfully confirmed their recovery by dominating the Top 14, Montpellier, 43-20 leaders. I believe in his qualifications more than ever two days before the end of the regular season. “”Four weeks ago we were the worst.Today we are still alive», Legally pleased Lyon’s manager.

OL woman returns to C1 final

The weekend wasn’t good with Lyon’s LOU alone. An OL soccer player dismissed PSG in the Women’s Champions League semi-finals in Paris (1-2) on Saturday. After winning 3-2 on the first leg, this success opens the door to the final. “”It’s the year of reconquest“, Lyon-style Selma Bacha claims to be in favor of the idea of ​​facing Barcelona in Turin on May 21.”Barcelona is a team that evolves European football that fills the stadium. That is just an example. We get there slowly but surely.As a supporter, listening to Lyon-Barcelona makes you want“, She slips. OL will participate in the 10th women’s C1 final and aim for the 8th victory.

Quartararo leads MotoGP World Championship

The loser wins. Fabio Quartararo will take the lead in the world championships if he had to bow to Francesco Bagnaia in Italy, who won the MotoGP Grand Prix in Spain on Sunday. Second, the French are happy with his shot. “”I was at the limit and couldn’t do any more.Five points we’re missing (editor’s note compared to 25 wins), but frankly, we can be happy“At Le Mans, I swear to be an active world champion who has already turned to the Grand Prix de France.


Marseille, blow of collapse

OM crack. Between the two Europa League conference matches against Feyenoord, Jorge Sanpaoli players faced rival office ladies on Sunday (0-3), the final match of League One’s 35th day. Suspicious arbitration decision. “”We have already been punished in Paris (2-1 defeat, editor’s note), and here too.I think we need to standardize the standards so that no one will be punished, like tonight“Troublesome Argentine coaches,errorOf the referee’s body. However, Marseille gave the baton a hit in the game and lacked realism, especially Alec Millik at the end of the first period. Nonetheless, they remain the second most solid in the standings, three lengths ahead of Renne and Monaco before turning to a half-return from C4 on Thursday’s Velodrome. Steve Mandanda is also a goal.

Les Bleues durugby can’t do that yet

Gaëlle Hermet and her teammates dreamed of it. Win the English Championship and finish the Six Nations Tournament at the sold-out Jandoger Stadium in Bayonne. Ace! It was a little earlier to forget the British hanging on women’s rugby in the world. “Red rose” is not the best in the world. Therefore, they inflicted Blue with nine consecutive confrontations (successes 24 to 12), increasing the current series of invincibility (23 wins) by one unit. And by adding the 11th Grand Slam to their list, they incorporate the psychological benefits of pre-reunion from the group stage at the next World Cup in New Zealand (October 8th to November 12th). I did.

Lille loses nerves … and the last illusion

I haven’t seen it in Troyes, or I rarely see it. French champion Rosk lost to L’Estaque on Sunday (3-0), the 35th day of League One. A match where Mastiff received two red cards (Lenato, Ilmas) and … three penalties. There were two reds and three penalties in the same match for the same team, but I haven’t seen it in the last 30 years at the French Championships. Troyes was the first team since Turon vs. Nancy on January 18, 1992, and converted three penalties at the same L1 meeting. Jocelyn Gourvennec saidVery violent and unlikely cruel scenario», José Fonte criticizing a particular arbitral award. “”It’s starting to look a bit like Cirque du Soleil!“I squeak the captain of the north. One thing is certain: Lille lost his nerves at the Orb Stadium on Sunday, and was probably his last hope to play in the 2022-23 European tournament. ..

Mets and Bordeaux, it really smells burnt

“”Do you believe in miracles? I don’t believe in miracles.“Frédéric Antonetti did not show flashy optimism on Sunday after seeing” his “FC Metz take a two-goal lead over Montpellier (2-2). “”There is a lack of success overall. But we didn’t have the last head. We will never be rewarded.Difficult to live“The coach of Messina’s red lantern said more than ever on her way to League 2. Bordeaux also has that place. On the 19th of L1, the Girondins were harmless and Nice (0-) on Sunday. I gave up logically for 1). “”The goals we give them … we put them in a favorable position“When I pleaded with Bordeaux coach David Guillon, he asserted that he would.”You need to get rid of your enthusiasm and anxiety right away. I’m not going to let it go.“In the rankings, ASSE, 18th, and 3 more road blockers are 4 points ahead of Bordeaux and 6 points ahead of Mets.

Top 14: Bordeaux-Begurus unmarks

Is UBB at the top of the Top 14 and officially eligible for the final phase? If he defeated Toulon on Sunday night, it was possible at the end of the 24th day. Missed. If the two teams were equal in the first period (16-16 MT), the Girondins took the broth after the break, admitting a tough 13-0 and finally bowing 16-29. Reassembled like a pendulum, there is no blow to Varois who can dream of the top six.The second phase is devastating in terms of the game. Tactically, you lose threads and do anything.“Christoph Urios summarizes when Captain Mamad Diaby states that UBB has.”Given a stick to be struck.If you don’t raise the level, you’ll slap“, He added. Bordeaux bagels remain second in this championship category. Two days after the end, no team is mathematically guaranteed to play in the finals.

Rohan Dennis Offers Tour de Romandy to Aleksandr Vlasov

The royal road Rohan Dennis? I could believe it before the final stage of the Tour de Romandie on Sunday. A 16km time trial between Aigle and the alpine village Villars. The Australian, the leader since the first stage on Wednesday and the Double Time Trial World Champion (2018, 2019), eventually failed in eighth place overall, opening the boulevard to Russia’s Alexander Vlasov. Gino Madel and Simon Geschke.