Anger of Ukrainian French against Jean-Yves Le Drian

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian announced on Monday 28 February that he would move the French embassy to Lviv as Moscow gathered troops at the gates of Kyiv. To the west of the country.Ukraine’s capital remains “Main purpose” According to the local army, of the Russian army. It is estimated that 1000 French are still in the Ukrainian capital.

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This is the case for Jérémie, the owner of a logistics company. So far, the instructions from the authorities are clear: don’t move. Also, this transfer from the embassy does not work for this Frenchman who feels abandoned.

franceinfo: What do you think of the move of the French Embassy to Lviv announced by Quai d’Orsay on Monday?

Jeremy: I was in a hurry because the embassy and Orsay Street told me that I had to stay home and it was safer. Internal sources at the French embassy told me they were going to evacuate. And when I asked what the French people had to do, I couldn’t answer. So I contacted Orsay Street. So they were told they didn’t have this kind of information.So I called my block manager [NDLR : le chef d’îlot participe au dispositif de l’îlotage, base du plan de sécurité établi par l’ambassade de France. Il est responsable d’un groupe de ressortissants français inscrits auprès de cette ambassade et relaie les informations de l’ambassade en période de crise.]

He told me he didn’t have this information. He tried to contact the embassy and reassured him that only non-essential staff were leaving, but the entire embassy remained in Kyiv. In fact, at the same time, they left Kyiv, left all the French people behind, just called their friends and offered to come with them.

Have you experienced this move from the embassy as an abandonment?

I’m not Emile Zola, but I blame the French Embassy and Mr. Le Drian. And in fact, I’m sure they knew in advance and were preparing for evacuation. They had a meeting, that’s for sure! I haven’t evacuated like that! They could have asked the French to organize a convoy with those who wanted to leave themselves, and everything would have worked. I think it’s a terrifying scandal. During the war, you will not disappoint your compatriots. It’s really timid … I don’t want them to experience it.

“We try to form a big convoy.”

Does the announcement of the diplomatic representative change support your decision to resign?

When I got this information, I contacted the head of the block and told him I wanted to leave. He replied so too. So, in the same case, I contacted others via social networks, but in reality there are many. Therefore, we try to form a large convoy to help each other.

Many refugees go to Poland. Is this also your goal?

No. I would like to go to Moldova because there is less waiting time at the border. We left for a few days. We look at the roads every hour to find out where the Russian troops are, where they can pass, and where they can find petrol. There are contacts to find out where to get the gas. And thanks to the other French who live in other cities and are on the way, we can be accommodated. This is our plan. We encourage you to join the group. And you can imagine the stress caused by the situation: Being in a group makes it easier and better to manage it.