APA teacher on the bench?

Although rarely adopted, the laws of sports democratization that expand adaptive physical activity (APA) are already disgusting among APA teachers who call themselves “great forgotten.”

On February 24, 2022, the Act on Democratization of Sports (known as “March 2, 2022”) was decisively adopted by the Parliament. The prescription of sports by medical professionals ranging from chronic diseases, gender equality in the governing body of the sports federation, the association’s access to sports equipment (…), the purpose is clear. Sports-health (Article linked below).

Overlooked bitter taste

Of course, it’s a beautiful showcase two years before the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, but it still hides some bitter taste deficiencies. The law currently regulates the initiation of adaptive physical activity (APA). More stakeholders, especially sports federations, nurses (Especially by allowing prescription renewals) And civil servants »Shows APA teachers Cyril Thiorier and Stéphane Dijoux. However,” Physical activity rehabilitation and integration specialists Who is at the forefront of this field? Their role is to hold sessions of physical, sporting and artistic activities with persons with disabilities and the elderly who are suffering from chronic illness or who have difficulty social integration, within medical social facilities, sports associations, or the sick. Furthermore, it is to supervise in health sports. Center (article linked below). gold “ Here is a question about giving new privileges to other professionals. (Or volunteer), Those who are not experts in the field of APA and always refer to APA teachers without the laws of sport “, They add. Fatigue and the feeling of being almost forgotten have won the ranks of professions that were already suffering today. In the face of this observation, the petition is put online (below). Link).

Salary equal to the minimum wage

Despite college education (Science and Technology of Physical and Sport Activities STAPS-APA), they paid just over the minimum wage, they said Lack of approval from the Ministry of Sports, or even lack “. They are afraid to see experts intervene on their behalf. There is little or no equipment to care for people with specific needs who have some medical condition or moderate to severe restrictions “. They welcome the black and white inscriptions of their profession in the sports code. STAPS APA graduates as a qualified practitioner and adapts physical activity to the patient’s condition, physical fitness, and medical risk However, paradoxically, this does not appear in the 2016 legislation * or in the supplementary legislation of March 2, 2022. Legal ambiguity is also maintained in the employment contracts of APA teachers who do not specifically mention their status. Inscription only “ Sports trainer Is displayed.

“” Get out of shadows and instability »»

Angered, the profession is now demanding that its discipline be recognized by law or law. Included and emphasized in laws and regulations related to adapted physical activity “. They also call for a clarification of the law on March 2, a wage increase, as well as better integration. To APA reimbursement policy by health insurance “To participate in the drafting of legislative documents currently under discussion or in the future.” Come out of shadows and instability “.

* 2016 decree on conditions for dispensing adaptive physical activity prescribed by the attending physician to patients with long-term conditions

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