Ares, a (very) rapidly rising young French league

This Saturday, Dome de Paris will host Ares V, the third event in three months of the young French MMA league created by Ciryl Gane’s coach Fernand Lopez.

This Saturday, the entire French MMA scene will take place in Paris. It’s not a UFC event yet, but it’s a new Ares party. The French League, the fifth time since its inception in 2019, will host Ares V this Saturday. Ares 4 has already taken over Ares 3 a month ago and is showing signs of rapid development.

“”Even if development isn’t as fast as I expected, I think it will continue to rise at full speed.“Still, I guarantee its creator and president, Fernand Lopez. Francis Ngannou, especially a former professional boxer known as Ciryl Gane’s successful trainer, is young to his impressive pedigree in the world of mixed martial arts. Added the creation of the French league.

Legalized in France from January 2020 by the competition of Roxana Maracineanu, MMA is growing rapidly and Fernand Lopez understands this well. If he is now a representative, stakeholders should remember to thank those who have made progress in this field that has long been kept secret in both theater and territorial screens. The sports minister, who was booed when he played in Ares 3 in early February, was defended by the French Ligue boss on social networks.Thanks to this woman on behalf of my family and the MMA community.. “

A stepping stone to the UFC

A well-organized politician, a well-organized manager, and also growing a talent pool for the MMA Factory, was the first belt in Dakar (Senegal) in December 2020, before landing in France. We are aiming to grow the Ares Fighting Championship that has won. First at the Palais des Sports Marcel Cerdan in Le Vallo Appele last year, then at Dome de Paris in the 2022 fiscal year. Lopez and Ares made a financial contribution before investing in a future enclosure that emerged from the ground in 2023.

Another sign of the health of the French organization. “”No one in the territory has an organization like us»Welcome Fernand Lopez met at the MMA Factory near Rungis in early April. There he welcomes and organizes dozens of fighters from all disciplines and a particular Ciryl Gane. Francis Ngannou was beaten with a UFC heavyweight belt at the end of January, and the Frenchman remains the French MMA locomotive, making a valuable contribution to Ares in both media and finance.

And MMA Factory’s new tenants want to keep up with the much more prestigious North American League. Demoted from the UFC, like Argentina’s Laureano Staropoli (9-5). How to go back? “”Fernando made me realize that the fight at Ares is a good option to return to the UFC.Stakeholders who will make their league debut this Saturday against the main card Briton Karl booth (starting at 9pm) say. Ares has some very good fighters, so I think we’ll have to fight three times in Ares to get back to the UFC.»»

Ares V’s “Fight Card”, headline of French Damian Lapilus (Bantham Wait). Ares

Hunt on the land of Bellator

“”Many fighters have left Ares to go to the UFC, we’re starting to get a good reputation“Welcome a successful coach.”Ares is a mini UFC and everything is well organized like in the United States. I think the league has a great future.“I predict Shakbulat Abuev (2 wins-1 loss) he was beaten in Ares 3 who defended the Chechen color. Before he wears it someday in the United States.”In a few years“Even in France, where UFC’s charismatic boss Dana White repeats his desire to organize an event.

Some athletes even turned down the UFC saying they were well paid in Ares

Fernand Lopez, President of Ares

El Dorado is a dream time, but the UFC isn’t the goal in itself. Economically. “”Ares athletes are happy with the financial terms and some have turned down the UFC.“I guarantee Fernand Lopez, who remains cautious about the scholarships assigned to his fighters, while he hopes.By the end of the year, pay half of the (that) fighter and be able to receive a pension“Today, more than 70 people are joining the ranks of this young organization. It’s still far from the overwhelming UFC and Bellator, and the other North American Leagues that have confiscated the UFC’s Antecumber role to this day.

“”We stay under Berator, they have been there for a very long time and have a CBS machine to monitor themI agree with Fernand Lopez. But we are aiming to be higher. We are already not far in terms of quality.Proof that the know-how is not limited to one side of the Atlantic Ocean.