Ariege: Pamiers, sports, a fun summer vacation for young people

Cultural outings, nature sports, indoors, water games, environmental education related activities, co-op games, staying in the aracarts: vacations at the Las Palace Leisure Center and Teen Area in Pamiers, Ariege will be a vibrant one. I promise to be.

Multiple entertainment, shows and games, as well as sports and fun activities, outings and stays: Give way to a great vacation in Ariege’s Pamiers. They officially start on Friday, July 8th. Kits and school bags inside and outside the closet are at the Las Parets Leisure Center for children aged 3-11 and the teenage area for adolescents aged 12-17, idle for two months with a fully charged battery. Will be. .. Don’t forget the 14-25 year olds who are also serving youth in Pamier.

Over 100 young people have registered

In total, they are over 100 a day to take advantage of the activities provided by the services of children and adolescents. Animator full of energy and imagination to provide a wide variety of diverse activities. A shaded park, a summer pool in Las Palette for the lucky ones who enjoy their vacation in a wonderful environment, as well as theme days, treasure hunts, outings, stays, program internships, for everyone’s free access The purpose is to.

Head to the “Teens” area. In the room at the former hospital rue de la mère, young people can meet facilitators and develop projects. “Various activities and devices such as outings, courses, stays, sports, culture and work are provided by the animation team or the youth themselves,” said a teen space educator. Young people can come to get information, work on projects, spend time, and launch group projects.

Mountain bikes, canyoning, electric scooter rides …

We also promise that the holiday menu will be plentiful for teens, including the thrills of extreme mountain biking in the mountains of Mérens. Or canyoning in the mountains of Oza, going out and discovering Montbell, Carlabail, Lake Montbell, supervised swimming and voyage activities. And you can even ride an all-terrain electric scooter with a guide on the Ariage Pyrenees Forest Path.

Culture also spotlights more and more young people who want to learn, especially with theatrical creation courses and participation in livrodrome, a playful and spectacular digital literacy amusement park.

Adventure ahead with Pamier Express

And the novelty of August, the big game “Pamier Express” is also a city game that entertains the masses for free. It’s like the “Beijing Express” show, but not too far away by challenging different challenges and puzzles in the city centre. In short, the biggest highlight of the program for culture, nature sports, indoors, water games, environmental education related activities, collaborative games, à la carte stays, and an unforgettable summer vacation, everyone and all tastes. There is something for. Don’t forget the masses of “young people” who are welcomed and accompanied by individual or group projects.

Finally, the youth camp, which has been running for about 20 years, has several activities (cleaning, gardening, painting in the four corners of the city, school) based on the minimum wage. And to pay a vacation for most of these young people who greased their elbows in the summer. A device for young people aged 16-20 from Pamier or its crown. Selected for the file after a resume survey and interview, they are eight young people hired per site during the summer season. Four youth camps participate in the program throughout the year, including two in the summer of July.