Arnaud Cathrine running for the Prix Goncourt, TF1 in the sight of an official from Nivernais, a former Cosnoir in a sports ministry race … our ill-advised this week

A two-minute report that airs on Monday, April 25, at 8:00 pm. TF1 Fabien Bazin, the chair of the department council, Denis Thuriot, the mayor of Nevers and the mayor of Nevers Agglomeration, and Alain Heurteloup, the mayor of Fourchambault, responded. They sent an open letter to the channel to condemn this subject: How did Niable switch to RN camp? Most were shot in full chambord.

“The normal use of shocking images tends to represent the entire territory given as food throughout France, not the city, adjacent to untrustworthy information that ignores the new trends that emerge and are being built every day. doing. “. Elected civil servants emphasize working daily “to reconnect and build a community of visions, aspirations, and projects with citizens.”

They know it and write: “The increase in all kinds of crises that citizens are suffering undermines social structure and republican agreements.” Therefore, without denying freedom of information, I challenge this report with the following words: “.

Arnaud Cathrine’s Goncourt Award?

Niveranai writer Arnaud Cathrine is one of the six winners of the Prix Goncourt 2022. His latest work is The beginning of the century (Vertical version), immerse the reader in the story of 11 real or fictional characters trying to open the door to freedom. We have traveled through the 20th and 21st centuries, so in a very different universe. I will reply on May 10th.

In a single voice

Senator Patrice Joly and Fabian Bazin, chair of the Nièvre Division Council, have brought together the power of leftists and environmentalists to propose a single candidate for each constituency to the Nièvre legislative election. I call on you. ..

Rusie as Corbigny

Corbigny is not the only one in Nièvre to accept passport and ID requests without reservation. This also applies to Rusie, says its mayor, Joselin Guerin, who has witnessed an influx of telephone calls.

premium Applying for a passport or ID in Niable: Please note the deadline

In three months, the municipality has already processed the same number of files as in 2021 and has fully mobilized agents. And the city council wants the state to acknowledge the commitment of his municipality. “Of course, what we want to fulfill is the mission of public services, but we need financial means …”

François Cormier-Bouligeon’s ministerial portfolio?

In that edition on Thursday, April 28th, every day team List the following government possible sports ministers: And among these, François Colmier Brieon, Cher’s current adjutant, former parliamentary collaborator of Niebre’s deputy, Gaetin Gorse, and Kosne-sur-Loire Alain Delvie from 2008-2014. Former Chief of Staff of the Mayor. François Colmier-Bouligeon is currently the chairman of the sports group of the Parliament, but is also a pilot fish of sports and social law.