ASVEL will not play in Russia next week

Euroleague: Biller Banne will not play in Russia next week

Asve will not face Zenith St. Petersburg on March 1st in Russia next week, and Unics Kazan, which will be held in the EuroLeague on March 3rd, announced Thursday that it will face President Tony Parker.

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Ukrainian International with a reputation for sulfur compares Putin and Hitler

Ukrainian striker Roman Zozulya responded strongly to Russia’s invasion of Donbus. A 32-year-old woman, known for her support for certain neo-Nazi movements, compared Vladimirputin with Adolf Hitler.

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“No War in Ukraine”: Message from Ukraine International Airlines Malinovsky in the Europa League

Ruslan Malinovsky, who scored a double score with Atalanta in the Europa League’s return playoffs, celebrated his first goal this Thursday morning with a message of support for the Russian invaded country. 45 cap midfielder with Ukraine.

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Ukrainian basketball player arriving at the Spanish hall applauded

A very nice image in Spain before the match between La Roja and Ukraine. Count the qualifying rounds for the 2023 World Cup. Upon arriving at Cordoba Hall, the Ukrainians with flags on their backs received warm applause from the Spanish people.

Ukrainian coach confirms his team’s presence in the 2022 World Cup playoffs

The Ukrainian Championship was suspended due to the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. The national team will have to play the 2022 World Cup playoffs in March, but coach Oleksandr Petrakov has no intention of giving up and guarantees that the players are there.

“We believe that after a quick victory (in the war), we will continue to prepare for the decisive match of the Ukrainian national team in the World Cup playoffs.”

Shevchenko seeks Ukrainian “support”

Ukrainian football legend Andriy Shevchenko, a former striker, posted a message on Instagram, where he laments the current conflict between his country and Russia. He also calls on other countries to intervene and persuade the Russians to withdraw.

“Early morning Russia started a full-scale war. My people and their families are under attack. Ukraine and its people want peace and territorial integrity. Supporting our country, Russia Stop the invasion and violation of international law in the government. We only want peace. War is not the answer. “

Sweden, Poland and Czech Republic do not want to play in Russia

With one Letter to FIFAThe Federation of Poland, Sweden and the Czech Republic believes that the 2022 World Cup European playoffs should not be played in Russia. The three signatories show that their position is “firm”.

“The military expansion we are observing has serious consequences and has significantly reduced the security of national teams and official delegations. Therefore, FIFA and UEFA are immediately to offer alternative solutions. I look forward to working with you. “

Russia will host Poland in Moscow on March 24th in the playoffs Pass B semifinals. If Sbornia wins, the final will also face Sweden or the Czech Republic in the Russian capital on March 29th.

EuroLeague: Russian team match scheduled tonight and tomorrow will be postponed

The Bavarian-CSKA match (scheduled for 7 pm tonight), Basconia-Kazan (8:30 pm tonight) and Zenith-Barcelona (6 pm tomorrow) have been postponed due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

EuroLeague: Barcelona cancels trip to Russia

FC Barcelona has decided not to travel to Russia due to the invasion of Vladimir Putin’s army into Ukraine. The Catalan club was scheduled to arrive in St. Petersburg in the evening to play against Zenith in the EuroLeague this Friday before joining Moscow on Sunday to play against CSKA. “Several meetings with stakeholders are scheduled for this afternoon, and decisions will be made on this point in the coming hours,” Barca said in a statement.

Boxing: Ester Mosse’s alert cry

After Russia invaded Ukraine on Thursday, a French boxer from Ukraine, Estelle Mossely, posted a message through her mother. “My family lives in a small town in Ukraine, far from the border and not too close to the capital. I never imagined that the 2016 Olympic champions would have a direct impact on them soon. From and far away, we need the world to be awakened to the seriousness of the situation and what is happening. ”Shocked Tony Yoka’s former girlfriend is targeting the Russian president directly. .. A reflection of the thirst for control and control of national resources.

Marlon’s testimony on the situation in Ukraine

Brazilian players from Shakhtar Donetsk and Dynamo Kyiv released a video on Thursday asking for help leaving Ukraine. In it, Marlon agreed to talk more to Mundo Deportivo about the soil conditions in Ukraine.

The defender says, “There is a lot of confusion. I can’t move because of heavy traffic. If it takes a few hours, it takes 10 hours and I run out of gas. So where are we going?” “”

Marlon explains that he lives in fear, despite being protected by his family. “We are protected here at the hotel, but we need a solution. It’s a terrible situation and we are afraid. We have a family, children and a wife. We also have a mother-in-law, so we want to be safe. “.

Kaunas Basketball Club boycotts all matches against the Russian team this season

Lithuanian club Kaunas, which hosts Real Madrid in the EuroLeague this Thursday night, announced that it would boycott the rest of the away match with the Russian team this season, proposing the same to all EuroLeague teams. ..

Vettel wants to boycott the Russian Grand Prix

The next Russian Grand Prix will only be held in Sochi on September 25th, but Sebastian Vettel has already made that decision and he intends to boycott this Grand Prix. “I don’t think you should drive in this country. For me, I don’t go. My decision has already been made.”, Insisted on a former German world champion at a press conference.

Roman Abramovich in the sight of British Parliamentarians

Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea, is on the cross of a member of the British Parliament after Russia invades Ukraine. Labor lawmakers have released a confidential report in the House of Commons in 2019 accusing billionaires near Putin of corruption. Many media reports that Roman Abramovich will or has already been banned from residence visas in the United Kingdom. It’s been a few months since he was seen at Stamford Bridge in southwest London, home of the blues. Mark Spencer, the leader of the House of Commons, said the Interior Minister could answer on Monday about possible sanctions on the major Russian oligarchs at the forefront of Abramovich.

Gartier’s message to Ukraine

Attending a press conference on this day of the Russian invasion in Ukraine, Nice coach Christophe Galtier wanted to send a message “to all Ukrainians”. “We all woke up with the image of what is happening in Ukraine. I want to send a message to all Ukrainians. I want to send them a message of support. And I want French football. Hope to do something for Ukrainian football. I don’t know how, but French football needs to be bombed and support all football players and coaches currently in Ukraine. there is.”,

UEFA “condemns Russia’s attack”

In a statement, the UEFA formally condemns Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine. “The UEFA shares serious concerns of the international community about the development of the security situation in Europe and strongly condemns Russia’s ongoing military aggression in Ukraine. As the governing body of European football, the UEFA has announced that the Olympic Charter In the spirit, we are constantly striving to develop and promote football in accordance with common European values ​​such as peace and respect for human rights. “

“We are in solidarity with the Ukrainian football community and are ready to reach out to the Ukrainian people. We are dealing with this situation with the utmost seriousness and urgency. The decision is It will be done by the Commission UEFA Executive. Announced tomorrow. ” On Friday, the body must first announce the transfer of the Champions League final scheduled for the end of May in St. Petersburg.

Kiev’s corridor awakened by the explosion, the chilling story of Dynamo player Noah Nehar

Dynamo Kyiv’s young player Noanehar, who joined RMC Sports, said he woke up to an explosion this Thursday morning when the conflict between Russia and Ukraine began. He stayed home with his teammates while waiting for instructions from the embassy. Here is his story.

Schalke 04 withdraws sponsor Gazprom from shirt

After Russia entered the war with Ukraine, Gazprom is undoubtedly in the sight of Western nations.Energy giant, closely associated with German clubs Schalke 04 (D2) confirmed the sponsorship agreement earlier this week. However, the development of the diplomatic crisis and the intervention of Russian troops in Ukrainian territory changed the situation on Thursday.

Champions League final moves

The 2021-202 finals of the Champions League will not be held on May 28th at the Gazprom Arena in St. Petersburg, Russia. According to information reported by the authorities, the decision was urgently made by the UEFA on Thursday in response to a Russian military attack in Ukraine. Associated Press And again by Times..

The official announcement will be made on Friday, following an extraordinary meeting hosted by the European football governing body. The information is not filtered for the stadium chosen to host the match.

Fyodor Smolov: “No war”

He was the first Russian soccer player to be known internationally, Russian military operations in Ukraine.. Smolov, a striker who wore the national team jersey 45 times, told Instagram on Thursday. “There is no war !!!” he wrote with a broken heart emoji and the Ukrainian flag. A short message that he was accompanied by a completely black image.

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This promises to have a major impact on Europe as a whole, not the main aspect of the conflict that has just exploded in Ukraine. However, the invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine is disrupting the world of sports. Of course, in Ukraine, where all championships are suspended, it is across Europe. The UEFA have also decided to hold an emergency meeting to change the venue for the Champions League final in St. Petersburg next May. This is not the only impact of the conflict that permanently marks the world of sports.