At Eugene World, French athletics wants a better day

Decathlon Kevin Mayer is one of the rare and big chances of a world medal for the French team.

Is the fresh air of the Oregon forest more suitable for French athletes than the humidity of Tokyo’s Megalopolis? In Eugene, the French athletics team has become less noticeable in the World Championships (July 15-24) after a performance failure at the 2021 Summer Olympics (OG).

Abused by these bad results and shaken by internal tensions (the departure of the two National Technical Directors (DTN) and the director of high performance), the National Sports Agency (ANS) and the French Union Ministry of Sport (FFA) in turn. I know what is expected of. Tricolor Athletic wants to show itself in a better light.

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Two years have passed since the Paris Olympics and I have no more time to lose. In December 2021, after months of negotiations, ANS and FFA agreed to form a new duo. Former Decathlon Roman Barras has been promoted to ANS High Performance Director. The former rowing boat DTN Patrick Ranvier holds the same position within the federation. “It can be beneficial to arrive from the outside, after a complex period of time, without prejudice or influence.”, The latter says.

Patrick Ranvier, a youth and sports inspector general who passed four different federations, was the first choice of President Andre Giraud, who fought for months to verify it. “We lost 6 months. I would have needed it.”Patrick Node of Ranvier also says he is happy “Resumed normal relationship” In ANS.

“Related signal”

Time is a luxury rarely found in French athletics. As Renaud Lavillenie of the pole vault confessed, “Two years after the tournament, it’s too late.” Romain Barras is aware of this: “We are not and should not revolutionize anything. We must play in the support margins of athletes. »»

Patrick Ranvier argues that: “FFA is a big store that deserves a little reorganization. It needs to bring readability, simplification, a little process and people control. »»

The climate seems to be mild. “It was a federation that worked twice as fast, one for national technology management and the other for the federation’s organizational chart.Details of Patrick Node of Ranvier. Everyone is working together again for the same problem. It’s already a signal. »»

“We have to see the way”

A hand-picked version of 28 individual athletes and 3 relays was sent to the United States for the world. The guidelines are simple. Send a competitive team with a small number of athletes who are likely to be eliminated in the first round. Especially since this year, the European Championship will be held three weeks later in mid-August. 42 Bruce is already included in the Munich selection, which will be completed early in the month.

according to “Chip” Efforts are concentrated in ANS “Audience of young people who can be finalists and even medal winnersDevelop Ballas. We support them and prioritize energy and resources. “.. 56 athletes were identified in this “Ambition 2024” plan. “No one wants to miss it”He adds.

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Renaud Lavillenie, who is Eugene qualified and wants to be in Paris in 2024, is a good place to know: “To win five Olympic medals, you have to expect the potential of 15 to 20 finalists. »» The 2012 Olympic Champion has declared: “Use the next two years to give young people a way to progress. »»

Kevin Mayer, the world record holder for decathlon and one of the few chances of a world medal, More optimistic: “They say our athletics aren’t going well. I really disagree. I have to look the way, not just the medals. There were a lot of finalists in Tokyo. I’m worried. do not have “..

Important first podium

Patrick Ranvier is not hiding for the 2024 tournament when he dodges the prognosis of Eugene’s medal. “Our sport distributes 144 medals. You can’t have less ambition than having 6 to 8 in Paris. Ambitions, not goals.” Romans, I’m that It scares him when speaking likeHe reports with a smile. In 2016, Hubs won six Olympic medals in Rio.

But if French athletics faced the urgency of the consequences with a view to Paris in 2024, the success of the 2028 and 2032 Games is being built today. “My challenge is 2 speedCheck the DTN. We are working on a successor by introducing a more stable and structured system. »» 1er In August, Kevin Mayer’s former coach Bertrand Valcin will be appointed to be responsible for performance optimization. And the scientific profile will cover the field of study.

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Eugene World, the first transit point for the Olympics at home, will be scrutinized. In particular, he has won eight medals, including two gold medals, at the World Championships in Budapest in June since swimming in France, another major Olympic sport of difficulty in Japan. “Swimming put a little pressure on usPatrick Node of Ranvier, If that doesn’t work, we’ll hunt down, if it works, we’ll be very happy. But I don’t want to keep only the results of the medals. »»

It’s always important in major championships, and it’s important to get the first podium. “Medal emulation can lead to othersCheck Kevin Mayer. I am at the end of the program[dimanche 24 juillet].. Don’t count on me. »» The French team wants it from the first weekend. On Saturday, July 16th, Quentin Bigot is one of my favorites in the hammer throw final.