At Haute Bienne, petanque has been a huge success, especially among young people.

Christian Devaine, chairman of the Autobienne Commission (CD87), is pleased to see the increase in 2022, and after the two years have been turned upside down by the pandemic. Currently, more than 2,500 people are licensed and are competing for their favorite French hobbies. Pay attention to this sport that appeals to the youngest.

To date, Haute-Vienne has 65 clubs across the division via Limoges, Isle, Saint-Junien, Riac Lancon, Rudra and Bujaleuf. To meet the demands of some young people and promote discipline, some have decided to set up petanque schools such as Saint-Junien, clubs in Saint-Junien and Haute-Vienne (CD87). .. In Limoges.

Young people are participating in the game

Nicholas Fontan, a volunteer educator at the Commission’s school, welcomes about 15 young people every Wednesday at Bourodrome du Moulin Pinar in northern Limoges. “We also hold at least three sessions to introduce the basics of this sport to unlicensed people. The purpose is to create a vocation,” explains the latter. “We are in a vast area, so we have more and more trips, and young people are enjoying” travel, “especially because the new regions have allowed us to develop competition.”

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This year, the department committee has 99 licensees from the lowest aged 7 to 17 to the junior category. “During Covid, the numbers have dropped a bit, but on Wednesday I see more and more people, with young people enrolled before health restrictions coming back,” guarantees Nicholas Fontan.

During the competition, they want to surpass themselves.

Fifteen educators intervene in the school and try to “hook” the children. “Even if the discipline is increased on television, we still have to erase the image of petanque and the image of the player leaning on the bar. Young people don’t think about drinking when competing. But rather, if they surpass themselves, they shoot like Dylan Roche.

“, Underline the bowler.

Inheritance seems to be guaranteed

Every Wednesday they are on the grounds of Moulin Pinar. Bowlers aged 10-14 are focused on both shooting simulation workshops and improvisational games. A ball placed behind the board will not stay in place for a long time. Shooting, pointing and up-and-coming players are honing their skills to shine in the championship.

“The more they train, the better they will be in time,” says another educator, Patrick. Like Ticia, one of the girls in the group has already taken a four-day course at the regional training center in Nouvelle-Aquitaine (Krena) in an attempt to integrate the French team. Or Jonathan and Triplet participated in the French Championship twice.

On their side, two brothers, Alexis and Nolan, aged 10 and 11, are the dominant vice-champions in the doublet and triplet categories. Former members of the athletic club, they are now devoted to their new favorite areas.

Some, like Enzo, who has been practicing for 10 years, first set foot on the field at the age of two. But what can make them so happy in this atypical field? “Everything!”, They answer with a smile on their lips. For Ticia, “Petanque is a sport with no gender inequality and is mixed. Anyone can use it. In addition, starting at the age of 5, You can get results in the competition as soon as you train. “
That’s why teenagers go to Moulin Pinar every Wednesday, but also attend club training sessions at Riac Lancon on Tuesdays and Fridays. “After college and homework, I go to the fields.” About 170 young people from the department will meet for a special day on June 30th in Moulin Pinar.
With this succession, French petanque brings a bright future to Haute-Vienne.

He is one of the youngest current players on the circuit and has won several world championship titles.

Petanque tour stops in Limoges
The Petanque Tour, a national tour that promotes petanque sports and Provence games, stopped at Limoges for two days. For the first time, the petanque tour will stop at Place de la République in Limoges until 8 pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. During a free mini-game in the field specially set up in the square, you can come and register to challenge the three world champions Angelique Colombe, Bruno Noblesico and Damian Yulo.

“This event is a great opportunity to promote petanque and attract new licensees,” rejoiced Christian Devane.

During these two days, the school will be invited to study and the sports audience will adapt.

In total, qualified educators from the French Petanque and the Provence Games Federation (FFPJP) welcomed 180 children in a specially prepared workshop. “Throughout the year, the Commission’s educators intervene not only in primary schools, but also in universities and high schools with UNSS systems,” says Christian Devaine.

First time for most students. “Usually we always do athletics and gymnastics, but that changes,” says Louis at Odette Kuti Elementary School in Limoges. “It’s hard, you have to focus well, and it’s hard to aim for it. But I love playing. I’ll do it again,” says 9-year-old Roxanne. If the majority didn’t embark on a professional career, everyone had a good time on this first day of the petanque tour.

During these two days dedicated to Petanque, Limoges can face three world champions who are delighted to present their excellent sport.

“At these events, we show that petanque isn’t just practicing for leisure,” begins Damian Yulo with Angelique Colombe and Bruno Le Brusico. “I love to come see kids enjoying this sport during the petanque tour. Most of the time they are practicing team sports. Petanque can also be played by a few people. But you can also play alone, so you’ll discover something else, “says Angelique Colombe.

Communicate your talent

For the three world champions, these two days are a great time to attract young people. “We have all the means we can use to push petanque in the right direction, especially because there are many petanque schools in France,” says Damien Hureau.

“Among the latter, there is always a nugget every year,” adds the World Champion. According to Bruno Le Boursicaud, Petanque “has made great strides in France and the world. Levels are rising and a new generation is coming. They are the future of our sport.” Bowler to convey his passion. I feel great joy for that reason. “We are fortunate to have evolved our sports career thanks to our diploma in education. We are now working in high schools, elementary schools and medical education institutions,” explains Bruno Le Borusicaud.

Champion tips

The Department School Champion Seed benefits from expert advice. “I got my first license at the age of 7, and today I’m 44. Damian Yulo takes a lot of time to become a world champion. This has been confirmed by Angelique Colombe.” Has gone through many stages, but it takes hours of training to make progress. It makes no difference whether you are a man or a woman. “

“Sure, before you can become a world champion, you have to go through big competitions like the French Championship, then the City Trophy, and even the Master on TV. This will let you know yourself. “Bruno Le Boursicaud adds.