At least eight people were killed in the bombing in Kyiv, and a curfew was introduced

Nicolas Tonev (onsite) with AFP
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March 21, 2022 12:11 pm


On the eve of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on the 26th day, Russia claimed to have used hypersonic missiles in Ukraine for two consecutive days on Sunday, this time destroying the fuel reserves of the Ukrainian army in the south. During the night, bombardment in Kyiv killed at least eight people, AFP journalists said, while Russian troops were still trying to surround the Ukrainian capital. In Mariupol, local officials have accused Russian troops of bombing the day before an art school acting as a shelter for hundreds of people.

Main information to remember:

  • Curfew introduced in Kyiv
  • Eight people killed in night bombing in Kyiv
  • Sunday bombings in Mariupol and Kyiv
  • Biden will travel to Poland this Friday
  • 10 million people evacuated

Curfew introduced in Kyiv

On Monday morning, the mayor of the capital Kyiv decided to introduce a new curfew in the city from Monday night to Wednesday morning. “It starts today at 8 pm (6 pm Greenwich Mean Time) and continues until 7 am (Greenwich Mean Time 05:00) on March 23,” former world boxing champion Vitali Klitschko wrote on his Telegram channel. “Shops, pharmacies, gas stations and facilities will not be open tomorrow,” he said. “If the siren sounds, please make sure everyone is at home or in a shelter.”

Several curfew have already been observed in the capital, and Russian troops are trying to surround them. The latest one lasted 35 hours from last Tuesday evening to Thursday morning.

The charm of Volodymyr Zelensky

The President of Ukraine is calling on the EU to stop all “trade” with Russia. “There is no euro for the occupiers, close them all your ports, don’t send them your goods, refuse energy resources,” the President of Ukraine pleaded. “Without trade with you, without your company and your bank, Russia wouldn’t have any more money for this war,” he added.

Europeans, who are highly dependent on Russian hydrocarbons, have so far ruled out sanctions in this sector, which are of great importance to the Russian economy. Before speaking directly to the Germans, Volodymyr Zelensky said, “Don’t sponsor the war weapons of this country, Russia,” and “you have power, Europe has power.”

Eight people killed in night bombing in Kyiv

According to the public prosecutor’s office, Russian troops are trying to surround Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, where at least eight people were killed in a bombardment at a shopping center from Sunday to Monday night. AFP journalists pointed out that the victim’s body lay in front of the Retroville Shopping Center northwest of Kyiv on Monday morning, and firefighters and soldiers were busy looking for other victims in the rubble. ..

A very powerful strike shattered the vehicle, leaving a crater with a gap of several meters wide in the parking lot in front of a 10-story building that was burning and smoking. Debris, destroyed vehicles, and twisted scraps were scattered on the stage for hundreds of meters. The “enemy fire” caused a fire on several floors of a shopping center in the Podirsky district. Previously, Facebook specified emergency services.

Ammonia leak in Sumy area

In the north of the country, Sumy’s regional governor, Dmytro Zhyvytsky, reported that an “ammonia leak” had occurred at Sumykhimprom’s facility, affecting the 2.5km area around the fertilizer-producing plant. The scope and cause of the incident are unknown, but residents are being told to evacuate to basements and low-rise buildings to avoid exposure.

Russian Defense Minister said Sunday night that “nationalists” had “mined” a storage facility for ammonia and chlorine in Smykinprom with the aim of mass-poisoning the inhabitants of the Smy region. Russian army “.

Mariupol: Russian strike recorded on Sunday

Russia claimed to have used hypersonic missiles in Ukraine for two consecutive days on Sunday, this time destroying the fuel reserves of the Ukrainian army in the south. U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said the use of these types of weapons “is trying to regain momentum” in conflicts where the military is stagnant, saying these weapons are “not game changers.” ..

Mariupol, a strategic city in southeastern Ukraine, has been bombed for several weeks and suffered from water, gas and electricity shortages. Local officials have accused Russian troops of bombing an art school clock that acts as a shelter for hundreds of people. Make sure that citizens are trapped under the rubble.

Biden, Poland this Friday

The White House announced on Sunday that US President Joe Biden will visit Warsaw on Friday to meet with Polish President Andrzej Duda to discuss Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The trip took place after Joe Biden visited Belgium to meet with NATO, G7 and European Union leaders, “supporting the people of Ukraine and uniting the world against President Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Focus on that. ” About this stay in Europe. “But there are no plans to go to Ukraine,” said spokeswoman Jen Psaki.

Personnel rotation in Chernobyl

The change of staff at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant began on Sunday for the first time since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began, the International Atomic Energy Agency announced. “Ukraine has informed the IAEA that after working in a Russian-controlled field for about four weeks, about half of its staff will eventually be able to return home,” Rafael Grossi said in a statement released. Stated.

“Ukrainian state regulators have confirmed that those who have left have already been replaced by other Ukrainian employees,” he added, “welcome” this partial replacement.

Russian troops ruled the factory on February 24, but about 100 Ukrainian engineers who finished their night shifts have continued to manage their daily operations at sites where radioactive waste is present since the 1986 accident. Worst ever.

Ukraine rejects ultimatum to surrender Mariupol

Ukraine will not “leave the armed and besieged city” of Mariupol in response to Russia’s ultimatum, its deputy prime minister told the Ukrainian media. “There is no doubt about talking about surrender or putting down weapons. We have already informed the Russian side of this,” Irina Bereschuk told the Ukleyinskaya Pravda newspaper. The Russian Ministry of Defense called on Ukraine to “put weapons” in the name of protecting the residents and infrastructure of the city of Mariupol, and demanded a “written response” to the ultimatum before 5 am on Monday.

10 million people evacuated

According to Filippo Grandi of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, more than a quarter of Ukraine’s population, 10 million people, have been displaced by the Russian war.