At Mets, Eric Zemmour advises his base to pay attention to pollsters and journalists.

Far-right candidate Eric Zemmour during a meeting in Mets on March 18, 2022.

The stripped grapes were placed on the table at the lodge in Arena Demes on Friday, March 18, recalling Eric Zemmour swallowing the entire bunch in the fall at the start of the election marathon. Twenty-three days before the first round, the atmosphere is different. Candidate for Reconquista. Shortly after his last meeting, which attracted 4,000 participants, he was buried on a leather sofa. “I’m sure it will be the second roundHe guarantees the press. I believe it more than ever. »» Ask him a question because his team shares a petit four in the next room. “The tone has changed” When “Everyone is tired” 7 months after the campaign.

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In fact, the meeting in Metz was the reverse reflection of the first major meeting on December 5, Bill Punt.Eric Zemmour mobilized the same conspiracy rhetoric against the mysterious “They” Reify a hostile system. However, the radical atmosphere seemed to be anesthetized. There was little cheering, and sometimes polite applause. “Oh! “” Dull … The flag was barely waved and the masses didn’t get up. “It’s okay, not bad. It’s east, not Turon.”Positive Olivier Ubeda, Master of the Conference of Eric Zemmour. “Is Zemur still your candidate? »»Not long ago, he was making a fuss to warm the room wisely, as if the answer was no longer trivial.

The audience wrote
Audience attending Eric Zemmour's conference in Mets on March 18, 2022.

“They” In Eric Zemmour’s mouth, he was highly praised whenever he entered the scene, but he disagrees. “People who say no”.. Like a distant replica of Bill Punt, populist candidates spun the theme of “one for all.” “No matter what the enemy says, we are ready to save the truth to save France.He warned. We never hide the truth to please journalists and pollsters. They do not enact the law! »» It targets polling agencies that underestimated abstentions in the 2021 local elections, although polls have declined sharply. “They would say they knew it (…) They were always wrong about everything. »» At the lodge, he drives those polls “Distorted by the media.”

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Metz was the first scene. Former CNews columnist created meaculpa. “There is no perfect candidate”He apologized, “Just a perfect man”.. “There is a mistake that will never happen again.”, He continued in a strange tone, citing his comments on disabled people and Ukrainian refugees. And in his campaign lesson: “Too many sentences cost a lot if you don’t have time to keep them. »» Nevertheless, his conclusions, in summary, persist and remain himself. “I’ve learned that my integrity can radically change the rules of French political games, so I’ll continue.”He promised his supporters, demonization “The tools the media found to make French people feel guilty about thinking about what they are thinking. »»

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