At Pont-Eau de Mer, young people complain to educators after a soccer match because of violence.

CAPA Foot U18 coach Godwin Amorin (left) and his assistant Samuel William condemned the actions of FC Lemowanor's educators during a match at the Pont Eau de Mer Sports Park on April 2.
CAPA football leaders, including U18 coach Godwin Amorin (left) and Samuel William, condemn the actions of certain FC Roumois Nord educators during a match at the Pont Eau de Mer Sports Park on Saturday, April 2. (© Awakening of Pont-Eau de Mer)

What actually happened at Parcdessports Alexis-Vastine on Saturday, April 2, 2022 Pont-Eau de Mer (wool) ?? At the end of the regional 3U18 match, several incidents occurred. CAPA football And that FC Roumois North.. Championship leader FC Rumois Nord won 1-0 in this derby, long known for its “electric” atmosphere.

If no overflow is reported during 90 minutes of play, the situation gets out of hand at the last whistle. A replacement between the Pont-Eau de Mer goalkeeper and one of the FC Roumois Nord players ignites the powder. Other players will participate. There was a dispute between players, educators, and some spectators.

15-year-old minor complains

The most serious fact is about the CAPA player who complained to the Pon-Eau-Dumere gendarmerie the next day against an FC Roumois Nord educator suspected of physically assaulting him. By filing a complaint written on Sunday, April 3rd, Awakening of Pont-Eau de Mer A minor, only 15 years old, who could be consulted, told gendarme:

“He (educator-editor’s note) grabbed me at shoulder height and at the same time gave me a brush. He really lifted me up and threw me to the ground. I lay on my back and there He knelt at me. He hugged me with his left arm and hit the face just below his left eye. I tried to fight back, but it didn’t help.

CAPA foot U18 player

A crowd of players, educators and spectators follow to separate the educator from the player.Interviews with other CAPA volunteers Awakening of Pont-Eau de MerCheck the aggression at the expense of the minor, even if the versions differ in the number of blows the educator would have given him.

contact address Awakening of Pont-Eau de MerThe educator in question denies the fact that he has been accused and offers a completely different version.

I caught a Pon-Audmer player because I wanted to protect the player who was attacked by the Pon-Audmer goalkeeper, but unfortunately I slipped to the ground with him. And people thought I was attacking him. Then everyone jumped at me. I have nothing to blame myself.

FC Roumois Nord Educator

FC Roumois Nord educators claim that they were already banned from the bench after being suspended for 14 games in the previous game and were also the overkill victims of Pont Eau de Mer. Arm and head cut. He does not rule out allegations of defamation. Even if the coach wasn’t on the bench to lead his team, the CAPA leader accuses him of joining the match by remotely coaching his player.

“Go home, you’re a filthy bagger!» »

After this battle, a new incident would have occurred at the entrance of the changing room. CAPA coach Godwin Amorin claims to have received Racist slur FC Roumois Nord’s educator allegedly said to him: “After the first incident, spectators contacted us around 5 pm, and the Poneau de Mer’s gendarmerie gathered the testimonies of several CAPA volunteers, especially racist statements, on the spot. ..

Video: Currently in Actu

This isn’t the first time I’ve been racist insulted, but it’s shocking from official educators. It is unheard of for an educator to insult other educators. These people are polluting our sport.

Godwin AmorinPon-Eau de Mer U18 coach

In a report of complaints filed by a minor, he emphasized the toxic atmosphere that already dominated the pitch on and off during the match: “During the match, there was a lot of insult among the players and from the fans. For players who even had racist comments. »»

The problem is in the hands of the league

Being informed of these overflows Normandy Football League It was to convene a disciplinary action over the weekend to shed light on the case. “The club leader is summoned. It is reported that the video of the incident was taken. I mourn all these sins.” Pierre RerestouLeague president.

Two Presidents, CAPA and FC Roumois Nord, attended on Saturday, April 2nd.for Jean Pascal Ruel, CAPA leader, declares his youth team “morally injured” before continuing. Does not handle the situation. »»

The president of FC Roumois Nord Marina Coolte, She believes her club has nothing to be ashamed of. She doesn’t want to argue. Under no circumstances will the club accept racism or violence on the pitch. A case to follow.

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