At RT France, the presenter’s farewell before the channel was closed

TV-RT French applause ends. The state media, funded by Russia and accused of disinformation about the war in Ukraine, will stop broadcasting on Wednesday, March 2, following a decision by the European Union. Presenter Samantha Ramsami greeted the audience before the stream was cut. As you can see in the video at the top of the article.

“After all the attempts to close our channel in Europe and the pressure we have had for several days, we can immediately put our profession into practice as we have done for over four years. You won’t be able to, “finally the journalist confessed to one of the last JTs on the channel.

“Since our launch, and until now, our sole purpose has been to inform you, give you another perspective, and voice the invisible of traditional media (” …) She said before launching the NG collection that contained the best moments of the channel since it was launched in France in 2017.

27 approved new sanctions for Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine on Tuesday, March 1. This includes a ban on state media RT and Sputnik broadcasting in the EU.

Ban effective on Wednesday, March 2

The ban on RT and Sputnik came into effect on Wednesday after the decision was announced in the Official Journal of the European Union. The content of today’s English, German, French and Spanish channels in Sputnik and Russia will not be broadcast on television networks and the Internet in accordance with this decision, which each Member State is responsible for.

“These measures should be maintained until the end of the attack on Ukraine and until the Russian Federation and its related media cease to carry out promotional activities against the Union and its member states,” the March 1 council said. Read the meeting’s decision.

This situation was especially noticeable because France is the only EU member state to host a subsidiary of RT in its soil (headquartered in Boulogne-Billancourt near Paris) and license it for broadcasting.

ARCOM, an audiovisual and digital communications regulator (excluding CSA), contacted Wednesday, March 2, and this decision of the EU Board of Directors affected the impact of the “RT France Agreement and Suspension of Distribution” in France. I explained that it was exerted. As a result, the Molotov and Mycanal applications were unable to access the channel in the middle of the afternoon.

This measure follows the speech by President Ursula von der Leyen of the European Commission. This Sunday, she accused RT and Sputnik of “lying to justify (Vladimir) Putin’s war,” saying the EU intends to expel the “Kremlin’s media machine.” ..

The chain, which has 176 employees, blamed the decision in the voice of president Zegna Federova, who accused “censorship” on Twitter. She said she wanted to go to court.

RT France is already banned from Youtube and Facebook

RT France was blocked by Facebook and Instagram on Monday, February 28, before the antenna was disconnected, and the next day by Google’s subsidiary Youtube. In a broader sense, Google has announced that Russia’s state media has ceased its ability to raise money on its platform.

On the other hand, the Twitter platform has been strongly criticized by Cedric O. On Tuesday, March 1, the Secretary of State Digital regretted the lack of response from social networks that still maintain access to the channel’s accounts.

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