At the United Nations, Russia was targeted by an avalanche of criticism

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Russia was strongly accused of invading Ukraine on Monday during the “Emergency Special Assembly” of the UN General Assembly, which may last until Wednesday. A resolution piloted by Europeans in collaboration with Ukraine will soon be voted on to reflect the refusal of the war.

At the wharf on the international stage, Russia received a great deal of criticism at the UN General Assembly on Monday, February 28, during a rare “emergency extraordinary session” by 193 members. ..

The day was crazy, including a twist, with the US decision to expel 12 members of the Russian diplomatic mission to the United Nations for espionage. During the press conference, it was left to Russian ambassador Vasily Nevenzia to suspend the question and announce it using a mobile phone.

In the corridor of the organization, the long-awaited ambassador was in a hurry between the General Assembly and the Security Council, where emergency sessions (five times a week) were held on the humanitarian crisis caused by the war.

“Sufficient. Soldiers have to return to the barracks.”

After “a minute of silence, prayer, and meditation,” UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres tuned a series of speeches following Tuesday and even Wednesday, taking into account the number of countries registered to speak. rice field.

“We must stop fighting in Ukraine,” the UN chief insisted. “They are rampant all over the country, in the air, on land and at sea. […] Don’t be afraid. The soldiers have to return to the barracks. “

Ukraine and Russia clashed again, and Denmark blamed “meaningless” Russia’s military adventures.

“Save democracy”

“If Ukraine does not survive, the United Nations will not survive,” warned Ukrainian ambassador Sergie Kislitya. “”[Mais] We can save Ukraine, save the United Nations, save democracy, and uphold the values ​​we believe in, “he added.

In a defensive position, his Russian counterpart reaffirmed that Moscow is exercising the right of self-defense as set out in Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations, “suffering” in the separatist region of Donbus. And complained about the “anti-Russian cliché”. West.

“We don’t feel isolated,” Vassily Nebenzia assured the media shortly after revealing the expulsion of 12 members of his team, including 100. Moscow has accused the “hostile approach”.

The West and the United Nations have accused Russia of violating Article 2 of the Charter of the United Nations and demanding that its member states refrain from using force to resolve threats and crises.

Attenuated language

A resolution piloted by Europeans in collaboration with Ukraine to reflect the refusal of the war will soon be voted on Wednesday. You need to win two-thirds of the “agree” and “disagree” votes that are stated to be adopted.

In order to get the most votes, the language of the text has been reduced compared to the first project. According to the version obtained by AFP, the resolution no longer “blames” “Russia’s attack on Ukraine” but “mourns it in the strongest words.”

On Friday, Russia’s veto power of the Security Council blocked the adoption of similar texts. There is no veto right at the General Assembly.

In the amphitheater, many African and Latin American countries joined forces with the United States and Europe to condemn Russia’s invasion.

With the Arab world in the background, Kuwait, the victim of an Iraqi invasion in 1990, was one of the few countries in the Middle East to blame Russia for being supported by Syria.

India is still cautious

In Asia, Japan and New Zealand have accused Russia of violating international law. India, which is militarily close to Moscow, remains cautious. China appeared embarrassed by the changing events and emphasized that the world “has nothing to gain” from the new Cold War.

Unable to stop hostilities, the United Nations tackled the humanitarian crisis caused by the Russian invasion. According to the organization, Tuesday is expected to call for donations to help refugees, who are expected to reach 4 million in the coming days and weeks.

After a new emergency meeting of the Security Council on Monday at the request of French President Emmanuel Macron, France passed a resolution calling for “protecting civilians” and “allowing the provision of unhindered humanitarian aid.” We plan to vote quickly with Mexico.

This text may be rejected by Moscow. According to the Security Council ambassador, the United States, which demanded anonymity, was frustrated by France for a variety of reasons, protesting texts that did not mention Russia and complicating negotiations.