At TikTok, Sugarbabies hangs a luxury life with “misunderstanding” videos

Banknote bundles, gourmet food, luxury hotels, etc. Countless videos are fascinating sex work on TikTok while the Minister of Social Affairs and Health launches a child prostitution prevention campaign on Monday. The hashtag “Sugar Baby” has been played over 1.2 billion times on social networks popular with teens. Born in the United States over 20 years ago, the term refers to young women who sell their time and often provide sexual services to older men. These are nicknamed “Sugar Daddy”.

From TikTok to TikTok, sugar babies have a luxurious rhyme: handbags, yachts, jewelry, champagne and more. This is all very similar to the sound of a song bearing the name of Qveen Herby, who is pleased that Sugardaddy “gives him all the money.” Commercial sex is almost always silent and money is easily presented.

“She is just an indoor whore.”

“Sugar babies are prostitution under a different name, disguised prostitution,” says indignant Fabienne El-Khoury, a spokesman for the Abolitionist Association Osezlefé minisme. “Many minors idealize prostitution and don’t speak that way. Teenage girls prefer the term escort,” agrees Hélène Pohu, a sociologist specializing in prostitution issues. ..

However, “There are still many images of this escort who escorts the rich in the evening and doesn’t sleep but isn’t really there! The escort is a very simple indoor prostitute,” said Beverly, a sex worker and activist at Sexwork Union (Strass).・ Ruby says. Emphasizes young women, even if the relationship requires more time and “investment” for sugar babies.Customers want a “relationship” [mais] “With money,” shows Angela * as well as paid sexual relationships.

Former sugar baby Angela, who lives in the United States, blames “fake” videos. Some young women are proud to earn thousands of dollars in exchange for a brief conversation or dinner at a starred restaurant. Of course, they aren’t paying. “Of course that’s a mistake. Being a sugar baby is also giving” sugar, “she emphasizes. Understand and have sex.

Minors seeking advice

According to Elene Pof, sugar baby activities also take place on the other side of the “really creepy” curtain. One aspect of the activity is so well hidden behind Louboutin pumps and Chanel sunglasses that it disappears in the comments from thousands of teenage girls seeking advice on how to become a sugar baby in turn. increase. Today, “minor prostitution is mostly done over the Internet,” highlights Hélène Pohu, an issue already mentioned in the 2021 Shampoo Renault report.

When she was a sugar baby and a stripper, Angela regularly posted about it on social media. “I never shared my bad experience. For example, I congratulated you on receiving $ 1,000 a day, and I didn’t think you were doing anything wrong.” She explains. Until she receives a message from a minor asking for advice.

From Cinderella to “Trauma”

However, TikTok reaches a particularly young audience. According to the German statistics portal Statistica, a quarter of users in the United States are under the age of 20. According to Kolsquare, it’s even more impressive in France, where three-quarters of users are under the age of 25. And some videos seem to be talking directly to these kids.

They sometimes use references to Disney Princesses like here in the hashtag “Cinderella Movie”. When you move from TikTok to Sugarbaby’s advertising site, images of great restaurants are replaced by hundreds of raw violent messages. “Young girls who believe in these videos will be traumatized,” Angela warns.

In addition, in France, “the fact that we broadcast a message to encourage becoming a sugar baby is a form of pimp,” recalls Fabienne El Cory. A crime punished with 7 years in prison and a fine of 150,000 euros. The law that Beverly Ruby admits to be “too wide”. According to escorts and activists, “I was looking for a whore for a while” on the Internet.

contact address 20 minutesThe Judicial Police Regional Bureau has declared that “today, all social networks are helping this.” And if feminist spokesman Fabienne El Cory dares to think that social networks are a “lawless zone,” the DRPJ is proactive in trying to prevent this phenomenon by brigades for the protection of minors. We guarantee that you are working on.

“Take care of the situation …

For many young girls in prostitution interviewed by sociologist Hélène Pohu and her colleagues, “it’s a descent to hell”: “First, they see money-not easy, never easy-but fast. You have access to super-consumption and everything looks beautiful. They have a very free feeling, but gradually the traps close. “

Especially because it’s difficult to find a wealthy Sugar Daddy in honor. On her job site examined by Angela, she reports that she found only “narcissistic and rude” or “miserable” men. “They call it Sugar Daddy, but they’re only looking for cheap prostitutes,” said a former sex worker.

Young girls always have the feeling of “managing” the situation, as shown in the Ministry of Health’s preventive clip. However, routes are often more difficult and violence occurs frequently. In 2020, Angela will meet a potential Sugar Daddy. He is rich, young and friendly. He likes it. They meet, but the first confinement falls. The young man becomes her possessive and asks her to be his girlfriend.

Angela decides to end the relationship. “I told him we’re stopping everything, he replied: how brave are you? As you know, I have money, I have property, I had a car and was able to give $ 50,000, but I didn’t retreat, “she says. Real harassment continues. When Angela blocks one phone number, she contacts another. She ends up relying on a lawyer who threatens the young man with legal action. Finally, the phone is silent.

Beautiful showcase of social networks

Despite their misleading veneers, sex worker posts are important because they find space to express in TikTok. “No matter what we say, something can go against us. We shouldn’t be fascinating or micellarism,” Beverly Ruby sighs. However, on TikTok or Instagram, there is no real-life online profile. We put our face under the filter, put a sushi tray, and hide the defeated appearance from the aftermath of the bakery and ham shells.

“They don’t want to influence young girls. They just post the good side of life, like anywhere else,” said Sugar Baby, “the bad side is half the job … at least.” Angela believes. ..

* Renamed