Athletics Franconville Champion PSG’s hands are always “perfect” … it was your sporting weekend in Ile de France

Every week, we provide a brief overview of the news of Ile de France athletes.

Weekend Performance: French Franconville Champion

Athletics. Entente Franconville Cesame won the final of Interclubs, the French club championship in athletics in Grenoble on Sunday. The Valdoisian club has 69,144 points, ahead of other Ile-de-France clubs CA Montreuil, defending champions (67,762 points) and Lille (65,817). Thibaut Collet (Grenoble) 5.70 m pole vault, Wilhem Bélocian (Lille) over 110 m hurdles 13”37, 13’new if competition two years after the health crisis is characterized by French international performance The hurdles over ’12 100m for the bomb Cyrena Samba-Mayela (reel) and 10”14-Ile-de-France residents for Jimmy Vicaut (reel) have withdrawn from the game. Like Alexandre Selles, EA Franconville’s hope, athletes over 800m (1’48’22) tickled world champion Pierre-Ambroise Bosse (1’48’21) or Saraben Farres (Montrail). .. Second place in the (9’05”93) or Pamera Losange (Franconville), 100m (11”71).

Beginning of the day: Tennis in the field

tennis. This Sunday, the Champs Elysees was reserved for pedestrians and cyclists, and the French Tennis Federation (FFT) took the opportunity to unveil the concept of urban tennis. At that time, eight 6m x 12 coats and three half coats / walls were installed, including one scribbled by artist Caroline Delvaux. The FFT has structured and labeled devices aimed at democratizing tennis practice, especially by enabling play on the street. The wish of Gilles Moretton, President of the FFT, is also to launch a French neighborhood championship.

Number: 2

Women’s basketball. Like the number of Ildo France clubs accessing National 1 Women’s Basketball next season. Therefore, the French stadiums Paris and Orly join Thor, Franconville and San Noah Saint-Gratian. Good news, even if the Sceaux girl dreamed of moving up to the second division. This is not the case after losing to Monaco.

Record: Still rolling in PSG’s hands

handball. Paris Saint-Germain has won 40-36 in Chartres’ Jean Coche Room on Sunday and continues to race to achieve the perfect season in the last four Star League games. Three days after the brutal goal defeat in the Champions League quarterfinals in Kiel, northern Germany (defeated 33-32), Raul Gonzalez players sign their 26th victory at many Star League conferences. bottom.

Already guaranteed eight consecutive French champions, they have four games left (Sarang, Toulouse, Saint-Raphael, Créteil) to pursue the feat of ending the Star League season with just a win at the counter. ..

Bad Manipulation: The race will have to fight to qualify

rugby. Racing, who lost in Montpellier on Saturday, the penultimate day of the Top 14, will play a life-and-death match against Turon on the final day in the arena in two weeks, deciding who will be in the final stage of the championship. A racingman who lost in the semi-finals of the Europa League a week ago could lose everything in three small game spaces.

First: Visit the Handball House Amélie Oudéa-Castera

Appointed to the Minister of Sports and the Olympic and Paralympic Games on Friday, Amerio Ude Acastella made her first official outing on Saturday afternoon at the Maison du Handball in Créteil, replacing Roxana Maracineanu. Surrounded by Marie Amelie Le Farr, President of the French Paralympic Committee and Brigitte Enriquez, President of the French Olympic Committee, the former CEO of the Tennis Federation attends the 11th National Handen Samble Conference. bottom. A strategy established by the French Handball Federation. The Parahand delegation will recover within a few weeks (until it joins the French Handball Federation). This is the only exit of the new sports minister before the legislative election, and the government will be bound by reserve rights from Monday.